Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Best Ear Cleaner Recipe for: bad, smelly, stinky ears due to ear infections.

The Best Ear Cleaner Recipe for:
bad, smelly, stinky ears due to ear infections.
I have the best recipe for ear infections to share with you.  My black standard poodle had very bad ear infections.  I tried everything outside of medicine, not that I am against medicine but it did not work in the past so why do it again.
This is what you need:
Ingredients can all be found at a drug store.

White vinegar
Boric acid powder
Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) 70%
Povidone-Iodine Solution

Directions for mixing the solution together:

Pour six ounces of alcohol in to a plastic applicator bottle. (See preferred bottle type in picture) Add one and a half teaspoons of boric acid powder.  Be careful not to get any boric acid on your skin or clothes.  If you do, wash it off immediately.

Shake the solution extremely well, until the boric acid powder is dissolved.

Add two ounces of white vinegar.  Shake the solution some more.

Add one teaspoon of the Povidone-Iodine Solution , and shake it again.

Using your new ear cleaning solution:

This WILL stain so be careful to use it in a place that you don't want messed up. I like to wear plastic gloves and an old tee shirt.

Have cotton balls ready.  Squirt the solution inside your dog's ear until the ear canal is completely full.  Massage the outside of the ear near the head to help get the cleaning solution around inside of the ear - it has many nooks and crannies.  Put a cotton ball in the ear and allow your dog to shake out the ear cleaning solution from his ears. Use cotton balls to wipe out crud and repeat.

Shake the solution before each time you use it. Store at room temperature.

Use the cleaning solution daily until you start to see an improvement.  Cut back to once per week until completely free of infection.

Warning:  Do not use this ear cleaning solution on dogs with ruptured ear drums, or on dogs with open sores or wounds in the ear area. Remember - it has alcohol in it.

The good news:  I used this once and it cleared my dog's ears up the very first time.  No kidding, It Did!  I used the solution again a week later and No crud, smelled great and he was infection FREE.  It's like a miracle.
If you read this and have the same result will you please send me a note, I would love to hear your story.

Now my disclaimer: I am not a vet, so this is alternative to veterinary medical practice.  If your dog needs further attention go seek veterinarian help.

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spotts said...

This is great stuff. I just made up some for my mom's dog that has an ear infection. He should be good as new.

Anonymous said...

I used it for the first time today as my dog, small German Shepherd, is suffering from chronic ear problems mainly in one ear. Few weeks ago the vet cleaned the ears under sedation. No mites or infection identified from microscope slides. Drops prescribed bu problem continues.
After using your mixture, the dog was more agitated than usual and madly rubbed his head on the ground. This went on for an hour or so with me comforting him with ear massage. Not sure whether to continue - is it likely to do him further harm?

spotts said...

Hi Barry,
If you dog has open wounds that can happen. It is not recommended for open sores. It will sting and cause pain to the ear.
I suggest you put it on a cotton ball and just clean the outer part of the ear until you can add more down a little further.
If you don't feel you should continue, then don't. I used this solution on my dog and it was amazing on how it cured his ear infection. He never again had an issue.
There is a great supplement and can give him.