Friday, February 7, 2014

NuVet Labs Maker of Dog and Cat Supplements

NuVet Labs in California are the manufacture of the amazing Dog and Cat supplements NuVet Plus.  
These products were developed over a span of eight years by three veterinarians, a nutritional scientist, a pharmacist and a physician who were tired of sub-standard nutrition and nutritional supplements in the pet industry.  Their main goal was to develop a holistic, all-natural pet supplement that would get to the root of the problem and not just treat the symptoms.Rommelag Unit Dose Filling Machine
NuVet Labs uses only natural, human-grade ingredients that are cold processed so all of the important nutrients are retained.   They are also quickly absorbed by your dog or cat’s metabolism, providing maximum effectiveness and proper health year round.
These supplements are among the few pet products out there that are actually manufactured in a FDA registered human pharmaceutical laboratory.  Vary few can say that!   Virtually no other pet products are made this way, due to the high cost and strict monitoring required.  Many pet food and supplement companies out there are notorious for being unregulated, which makes their safeguards and purity levels sub-par compared to that of these human-grade products.   These low-grade supplements are also being tainted with toxins that can seep into your pet’s food and cause all sorts of illness and disease which are becoming more prevalent today.
All NuVet Labs products are manufactured under strict quality control procedures and have established Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to ensure that these standards are met in all phases of the manufacturing process.   NuVet Plus supplements are also produced in isolated rooms during each phase of manufacturing, which allows for a higher degree of quality checks, complete sanitation and prevention of cross-contamination of material.  
If you would like to inquire more about these amazing line of pet supplements, or if you are ready to place an order for any of our products, please call NuVet Labs at 800-474-7044 and one of the  courteous team members will happily assist you, or you can also order here online.  Please be sure to USE ORDER CODE NUMBER 42299 when you place your order.  Remember that Susan Potts with Spotts Grooming recommends these great products to you.  
To your pets' health!!

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