Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cats with Arthritis and FLUTD/FUS

Cats that suffer from ARTHRITIS and FLUTD/FUS and be helped by giving a supplement

Did you know that cats can suffer from Arthritis and hip dysplasia?  Well, it's true and now there is a way you can help! NuJoint Plus provides the same anti-inflammatory benefits that it's gives dogs.  The wafer can easily be crushed and mixed into your cat's food.

Cats and Urinary Tract Health

Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) is not a specific disease, but rather is the term used to describe conditions that can affect the urinary bladder and/or urethra (the lower urinary tract) of cats.

Cats of any age can get FLUTD. However, it is most common with overweight, older animals. Some signs of the condition include bloody urine, frequent urination and accidental urination outside of the litter box. There are various different treatment options (both at home and through the veterinarian) for feline lower urinary tract disease.

The ingredients found in NuJoint Plus may also benefit cats with FLUTD/FUS (Feline lower urological tract disease or Feline urological syndrome).
Cat owners report excellent results controlling or eliminating FLUTD with regular use of NuJoint Plus. See their website for More information.  Click Here

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