Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dental Health in Pets Dogs Cats

Studies show that 98% of dogs and cats suffer from plague build up, which is the leading cause of bad breath in our pets. When you go to cuddle with your lap friend, is that what you want to smell? I suppose not! Besides just the smell, it is also harmful to their health, as it is critical to their liver, kidneys, heart, and brain. Just like humans need to care for our teeth, it is no different for our pets. Special care needs to be given, but many are concerned they may not know how to care for this health concern.

Signs of Dental Problems
•    Red swollen gums
•    Teeth coated with tarter
•    Rotten smelling breath
•    Discolored molars or canines
•    Sores on gums
•    Worn down teeth
•    Excessive drooling
•    Trouble eating

That’s right! Brush your dog’s teeth just like we brush, but DO NOT use your toothpaste for your dog’s teeth. We do not swallow our toothpaste, but a dog would have to. Human’s toothpaste is actually toxic when swallowed. The minty taste is also not appealing to their taste buds. Special dog toothpaste is edible, and will not cause them any harm. Now this is a pretty hefty task to get your dog to sit still, and let you brush away at his teeth. Then again is brushing your dog’s teeth the only way to keep your dog’s teeth healthy? The answer is no!

Dental Treats
We love giving our pets treats! When we think of giving our pets treats though, we normally think of a non-nutritious food. There are some treats which actually can clean your pet’s teeth for you. Life’s Abundance has the perfect blend of dental treats for your pet. This is a splendid recipe of harvest grains and the natural sweetness of honey, with a robust helping of Calcium and Phosphorus to support healthy bones and teeth. Parsley sweetens the breath so you get a direct benefit from this treat as well. With Gourmet Dental Treats, you'll be treating your dog's healthy teeth well while giving your dog delicious oven baked treats. The best part is that your pet will actually love getting his teeth cleaned!

Remember how important a healthy mouth is for the overall health of your pet. Something as important as this should be regularly watched for. Open your pet’s mouth and check for the different signs mentioned previously. If two or more of these signs are visible in your pet, a trip to the veterinarian should be made to avoid further problems.
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