Monday, January 12, 2015

Skin and Cost Supplements for Dogs Golden Retrievers and many other dogs.

For a great healthy coat and skin look to 

 Does your pet have … 
Hunter finished his first bottle of Skin & Coat formula and now his appearance is amazing!
No more thin areas on his tail, less shedding, silky shiny soft coat.
Easier to brush and virtually no matting. Smells wonderful too!
  • Dry, flaky skin or a dull, brittle coat 
  • Oily, foul smelling skin or a matted coat 
  • Thin coat, excessive hair loss or red, blotchy skin
  • Excessive scratching (especially, seasonally)

Skin & Coat Formula Can Help!
A comprehensive nutritional supplement, Skin & Coat Formula for Dogs and Cats addresses skin and coat health in a holistic way. Unlike ordinary skin and coat supplements that contain fatty acids and a few other ingredients, this formula supplies a whole host of additional nutrients that work together to address the complex factors that play a role in supporting skin and coat health. The nutrients featured in this formula can yield several health-promoting benefits. Here are just some of the highlights of how this supplement works …
  • In addition to skin-nourishing omega-3 fatty acids, this formula contains vitamin E and zinc, which help increase the effectiveness of the fatty acids.
  • The vitamin A in this formula helps cells to grow and supports the naturally-occurring layer of oil on the skin, helping to keep it healthy and supple.
  • This formula also contains vitamin C, which supports healthy collagen development.
  • And to top it off, our new and improved Skin & Coat now contains seven different B vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, d-pantothenic acid, niacin, pyridoxine, B12 and biotin), all of which work with the other nutrients in this formula to aid in the many complex chemical reactions required for healthy skin and coat.
If your companion animal’s skin or coat is less than perfect, try a bottle of  Skin & Coat Formula with a comprehensive line-up of nutrients that work together to help support healthy skin and a shiny coat.  (Taken from the official Website )

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