Friday, April 25, 2014

Cat Bathing

Cat Bathing can be a chore, as most cats don't like the water much at all.When bathing a cat, here are some things you will need to do:
  • Have your wash area ready.
  • Have the proper shampoo
  • Have some towels near by
  • Check water temperature (use cool water, not to hot or not to cold)
  • Place something like a bath mat in your tub. Cats like to dig their toes into something.
  • Brush
Instructions Before Bathing:
Before starting the bathing process, make sure you trim all the nails of the cat. This helps reduce the risk of getting a bad scratch.

Brush your cat thoroughly, especially if it is long haired before giving bath to the cat. This helps to get the loose hair out so there is not a lot in the water during the bath.
It is also important to have everything strategically placed in the bathing area, so you can keep one hand on the cat at all times and not walking away to get something.
Place the cat in the tub, sink or shower and gentle put some water on the cat's back. This allows the cat to know what is happening before you get to much water on him.
Shampoo the cat's back, work down the sides, lather up the tail, work your hands gentle under the tummy and butt. Use a cloth to clean the head and around the face. Rinse with clean water, rinse until you no longer see or feel any shampoo.
Towel dry your cat by patting the towel all around the hair. Wrap the towel securely around the cat a place into a kitty crate or blow dry.
Brush the coat to remove any loose hair. spray with coat conditioner made for cats and enjoy a fresh smelling kitty.

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