Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Deshedding using the FURminator

This picture shows just how much hair I racked out of this Labrador after her bath. The amount of hair that was washed out of the coat during the bathing was 3 times the amount shown here. To find a groomer near you click here
I also recommend you try NuVet Plus supplements for a healthier coat. Healthy skin and coat means less shedding by your pet and that means less hair for you to clean. Use Order Code 42299 to save $$

Book for the holidays Spotts Grooming

My phone is already ringing for appointments in advance.  With the holidays approaching, it's recommended that you call to get in the schedule.  440-254-3606
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A dog supplement you can trust to work

I have used this amazing supplement when my standard poodle became injured when he got lost.  We are thinking when he was running during a thunderstorm, he ran into a tree.  His chest and neck was affected by the injury.  This hip and joint therapy supplement has increased anti-inflammatory properties that can help dogs of all ages by accelerating the healing process and reducing pain quickly.  After just one week, he improved greatly.  After two weeks, he was healed!  It can also be used as a preventative measure to help reduce the risk of osteoarthritis and cartilage deterioration, and it supports optimal joint health and mobility by lubricating joints, rebuilding cartilage and reducing free radical damage.  
NuJoint Double Strength has increased amounts of the active ingredients MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), Glucosamine, and Chondroitin, as well as Vitamin C, which is required for the synthesis of collagen.  As with all of their products, they use only the highest-quality pharmaceutical, human grade ingredients, cold-processed and specifically compounded in a FDA-registered laboratory for maximum potency and effectiveness.
These supplements come in the form of chewable wafers and are flavored with real chicken liver that are easy for pets to digest.  It is completely safe and highly beneficial for dogs of all ages, including pregnant females.
To Order go to or you may call 1-800-474-7044 and use order code 42299 These are not sold in stores.
Call today or visit online to place your order for NuJoint DS or any other of their amazing products. Keep your beloved pet pain free for a longer, happier life! 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Autumn From Spotts Grooming

Happy Autumn From Spotts Grooming!

The end of summer, such a sad thing, but I welcome Autumn for many reasons.  First, I love the cooler temperatures and so do many pets.  My dogs love the change, it seems to bring on extra energy.  I help them with bone and joint supplementation by giving them NuJoint Plus to ensure they protect their bones and joints as they run and play in the fields.    

Second reason I welcome Autumn is I love the smells.  Spotts Grooming offers essential oils that you can purchase by calling me at 440-254-3606  or email at  Let me help you make the right decision for the smells you enjoy.

Third reason I welcome autumn is it brings on the start of all the holidays I really enjoy.  Make your plans for grooming now so as to not be turned away due to unavailability.  Book Grooming Appointment Now!  

Friday, July 15, 2016

Home based business in the pet industry

Hi, are you looking for a home based business in the pet industry?

You came to the right place!

Many years ago, I too was looking for something I could do from home that would not interfere with my other chores.  I began my search just like you are doing now.  I found a really interesting company that has all the products I would feed my our dogs, so I emailed the girl who's name I found on the contact page and I was very pleased that she emailed me back and asked when was a good time to call her.  Later we talked and she answered my questions and I felt I did find exactly what I was hoping for.
Well, its been like I said, many years later and I'm still loving the products and we added new ones that both my dogs love and benefit from.  I have two standard poodles and they are 10 years and 9 years old.  They have never been sick, I have never had problems with products, as We have NEVER been recalled!  To me, that is a big plus.  So now that you are hoping I get to the fun stuff, here is my website so you can go see for yourself and please let me know you were there by filling in your profile so I can get back to you.  btw, my website, named after my boy Pippin!

MSM as a Supplement for Dogs with * joint pain, * arthritis, * poor digestion, * dull coat and skin issues

Facts about MSM and why it is important to many dogs as an added supplement to their diet.

Please Note:  Not every dog needs a MSM supplement if they are given a properly-balanced, natural raw diet (organic is best, but not always possible) MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane) supplements can be used to help treat arthritis, joint problems, allergies or hip dysplasia. Dogs that are given a typical commercial pet food should be given supplemental MSM since MSM is easily destroyed with cooking or during food storage. When choosing processed foods, look for those that are cooked using a low temperature cooking such as 
So What Is MSM anyway?
MSM is the abbreviation for methyl-sulfonyl-methane which is a naturally occurring sulfur compound produced by sea plankton and found naturally in such foods as meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seafood (e.g. kelp) and cow’s milk. It evaporates quickly since it is extremely water soluble.
Sulfur is essential in the formation of amino acids, healthy skin, blood proteins and connective tissues. It is stored in almost every body cell with the highest concentrations found in nails, hair, joints, muscles, bones and skin.
The concentration of MSM in the body decreases as the body ages making MSM deficiencies part of the aging process. Low concentrations of MSM can result in:
  • organ 
  • tissue malfunctions
  • fatigue
  • psychological 
  • physical stress
Sulfur deficiency in dogs can produce joint pain, arthritis, poor digestion system, poor immune system, dull coat and skin problems.
Benefits of MSM
MSM is essential in maintaining and supporting healthy cells. MSM decreases the inner pressure of the cell and makes the cell walls permeable. Water and nutrients are able to flow into the cells while at the same time toxins flow out. Working synergistically (together enhancing each others’ function) with Vitamin C, MSM allows the body to rejuvenate cells, thereby maintaining a healthy level of cells.
Responsible for the flexible bonds between cells, it maintains healthy skin by enhancing tissue flexibility and promoting the repair of damaged skin cells. Working as an antioxidant, MSM helps clean the blood stream by flushing toxins from the cells. It acts as a “scavenger” of foreign proteins and free radicals, helping to eliminate toxins through the skin thus reducing the burden on the liver and kidneys. Allergens can be eliminated from the body more quickly, which in turn helps to reduce allergy symptoms.
The most important function of MSM is to relieve pain and inflammation. Inflammation causes cells to swell, producing pressure and pain. MSM allows fluids to pass through tissues more easily, thus equalizing pressure and reducing or even eliminating the cause of pain.
MSM Supplements
MSM supplements can help dogs with:
  • Maintenance of healthy coat and skin
  • Relief and/or reduction of some allergy symptoms
  • Support of joint and connective tissues
  • Relief of pain from hip dysplasia, arthritis or other joint problems

MSM acts as an anti-parasitic against roundworms, giardia and other intestinal worms by competing for the receptor sites on the mucous membranes of the intestines, robbing the parasites of places to attach themselves, which then are flushed out of the digestive system naturally.
Now that you have learned the importance of adding MSM to your dog's diet,
here is the best supplement that contains this vital ingredient NuJoint DS.  
Why choose NuVet Lab products?  NuVet products are made in a FDA registered laboratory with natural, human-grade ingredients specially compounded to deliver the most effective nutritional health benefits. Utilizing the latest advances in medical and nutritional science, we apply state of the art manufacturing technologies to help us maintain a standard of product quality and integrity that is virtually unheard of in the pet industry.
Not sold in stores so this order code must be use on line and when calling 1-800-474-4-7044