Monday, July 28, 2014

Arbonne Renewing Body Gelee

Arbonne’s Renewing Body Gelee is often referred to as our medicine cabinet in a jar.  It works great to soothe achy muscles and joints. It is also great for bug bites, rashes, burns, and sunburn. This can be put on the temples to help with headaches and migraines for us and For dogs with rashes, insect bites, and dry skin; give it a try! Susan Potts ID 14870168
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Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy Dogs

A happy dog is:

Cared for
Played with
Gets treats
Goes for walks
Has a fluffy bed

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hip and Joint help for Dogs


Do you use a hip and joint formula for your dog and is he still suffering?  Does he suffer from arthritis and stiff joints?  Is he slow in getting up or lack the energy to play?

 Maybe it is time to switch to the very best hip and joint product on the market; NuJoint DS. 

NuJoint DS is manufactured in a FDA Human Pharmaceutical Laboratory – others are not.  What we show on the label is guaranteed to be in the product.
NuJoint DS is manufactured using only human grade ingredients – others use ingredients that are standard in the pet industry – whatever that means.
NuJoint DS is made palatable using real chicken liver – others use sugar in some form and or soy.  94% of the soy grown in the USA is genetically engineered (GE)

NuJoint DS only has 5 ingredients; Glucosamine sulfate, Chondroitin sulfate, MSM, Ester-C and chicken liver.  Nothing else!

According to a recent article in

They state

Choose Joint Health Supplement for Pet Carefully – New Review:  We tested and compared joint health supplement for pets and were alarmed to find that none of the products selected for testing passed our tests.  In fact, one contained just 16% of its listed Chondroitin – an expensive ingredient. 

NuJoint DS comes with a money back guarantee.  Try the product for 60 days and if you are not convinced that it is the very best on the market you can return the unused portion for a full refund!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Order NuVet Plus Vitamins for Dogs * Cat Too

NuVet Plus canine health supplement is a precise combination of human-grade, natural vitamins, minerals, herbs, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, fatty acids and amino acids proven to combat the ravages of free radicals and to provide immune system support.
With all those good health benefiting ingredients in NuVet Plus, it's no wonder that countless pets are becoming healthier. Being a groomer, I have seen first hand that these really work. I give them to my own dogs.

I will send you one NuVet Plus wafer for your dog to try along with a helpful information sheet.
Just sent me an email at:
Please include your name, address, dog breed example: lab mix, poodle etc. and phone number.  Put NuVet in the subject line...
After you receive your sample and review the helpful information on NuVet Plus you can call toll-free 800-474-7044 to place your order - This is important - they will ask for an order code, as they do not sell to the general public. The code to use is: order code 42299 or order from their website

Why it Costs More to Get your Pet Groomed

Funny humor from the pet groomer - Here's your Top Ten Reasons Why It Costs More to Get Your Pet Groomed Than Your Own Hair Cut:

10. Your hairdresser doesn't wash and clean your rear end.
9. You don't go for eight weeks without washing or brushing your hair.
8. Your hairdresser doesn't have to give you a sanitary trim.
7. Your hairdresser doesn't have to clean your ears.
6. Your hairdresser doesn't have to remove the boogies from your eyes.
5. You sit still for your hairdresser.
4. Your haircut doesn't include a manicure or pedicure.
3. Your hairdresser only washes and cuts the hair on your head.
2. You don't bite or scratch your hairdresser.
1. The likelihood of you pooping on the hairdresser is pretty slim.

Funny story about NuVet Plus

I had a funny thing happen the other day, while it's funny now, it was not so funny when it happened. I opened a new bottle of NuVet Plus (the supplements I give my dogs) and removed the cotton wad that is in the bottle and through it away in my office trash can. Seems harmless enough, doesn't it? Well, I went to work and returned about two hours later to find that the trash can had been rummaged through. There were bits of paper and such laying about the room. I started picking it up thinking to myself "my dogs don't do that" and then it came to me that I did not see the big wad of cotton anywhere. I looked around at the dogs, and Bosco was no longer in the same room. I went out to find him only to discover he was hiding on my bed by all the pillows. The look of guilt on his face was evident that he was the perpetrator of the crime. I learned two things later that day - 1) cotton poo does come out and 2) dogs must really love the taste of NuVet Plus to eat the cotton that smells like the tasty supplement.

Want to see what your dogs thinks about NuVet Plus? Click on the picture below and order at wholesale price. Given only to Groomers/Breeders at 50% off the resale price you would expect to pay at your vets office.

Life's Abundance Distributor Jodi Rio at Living Streams Labradoodles Goldendoodles

I am so pleased to welcome Jodi Rio from Stevensville, MT a new Life's Abundance distributor to my group.  Just one more person that is dedicated to making the lives of pets healthier and happier. I wish her much success.

To learn more about Jodi at Living Streams and her labradoodles and goldendoodles go to: 

Please visit her Life's Abundance site and place your order.

If you would like to become a Life's Abundance distributor, please contact me a I'll tell you how.