Monday, January 20, 2020

Valentine's puppy picture

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Mia the Peekapoo 

Valentine's Day puppy poses

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Maggie the peekaboo 

Spotts Grooming

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Yarn Poodles

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These are poodles I make out of yarn. Fun to give as gifts.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Saying goodbye to my boy Bosco

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Bosco passed away in my arms on December 16, 2019
Its the hardest thing to see them go.  He was 13 years old and I will miss him so very much.  Love you buddy!

Disc golf and waking with the dog

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Watching that disc fly

Disc Golf and walking the dog.

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Pippin and his dad enjoying the great outdoors.
Playing a round of disc golf is fun, but having a dog along side you is more fun.  Dogs love to go for walks and a good way to do that is to take them along when you can to a park that has disc golf.  But keep them on a leash, we wouldn't want them to chase down the discs and put a hole in them. 

14 Year old Standard Poodle

This is what a healthy 14 year old standard poodle looks like in my home.  He eats Life's Abundance Pet foods and takes NuVet Plus supplements.  see websites for details
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