Monday, January 21, 2013

New Large Breed Puppy Food

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Large breed dogs are special in their own right.  There is nothing more cute than a roly poly puppy.  So here are some questions about what is considered a large breed? how long to feed it? and what is it's cost?  Be sure to check out the Dog Food Calculator  Look for it on the left hand side half way down the page.

1. Which dogs are considered large breed? Some experts believe that all dogs who reach at least 70 lbs as an adult are large breeds. But as a rule of thumb, Dr. Jane prefers that any dog who will reach 50lbs or above be placed into this category.
We actually have a pet food calculator on our websites that will display many large breed dogs once you select the large breed puppy food from the list of foods.
2. How long will I need to feed this food to my large breed puppy? Well most large breeds continue to grow and mature for up to 2 years of age. Some osteopaths feel that large breeds continue developing well into 3 years of age. The best thing to do if you’re unsure is to consult with an expert about your particular breed, like your vet, a breeder, or a reference book about your particular breed.
3. Can I still safely feed the All Stage Life’s Abundance food to my large breed puppy? The simple answer is yes, we’ve already been doing this for years. But, if your particular large breed puppy is prone to development issues like hip dysplasia, you should absolutely feed this special diet. After all, Dr. Bicks wouldn’t have made it if she didn’t feel it was important!
4. How much is this going to cost me? The difference in price between the Life’s Abundance All Stage formula and the new Large Breed Puppy food is only about .45 per pound and even less once you factor in the actual serving cost. The price per pound of the Large Breed Puppy is about $2.05 per pound (depending which size bag you buy), which is still well below what most premium “adult diets” are in the store.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Beneful Dog Food

This is an article from the Examiner at
For those of us with pets, often they are members of the family. Their care and health are important to us and when something goes wrong it can be devastating. If you care about your canine pet, this is a must read.
Quite recently, my dog became very ill on more than one occasion. After the second time, I began researching the food because that was the only thing he had eaten.
Beneful dog food is a popular brand. Unfortunately over the last two to three months, pet owners have seen their dogs become ill after eating this food, based on reports on the Consumer Affairs website. Some pets are more sensitive than others, and their symptoms can include any of the following, sometimes more than one:
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Excessive water drinking
  • Lethargy
  • Weight loss
  • Seizures
  • Bloat (this is life threatening to a dog)
  • Kidney failure
  • Liver failure
  • Death
Although Beneful comes in several types of food from puppy, to active and healthy weight, it appears the problem is broader than one type of food. Reports have included Beneful's Healthy Radiance, Healthy Weight, and Playful Life, while other reports did not indicate what type of Beneful was fed.
Some owners said immediately upon feeding for the first time, the dog became sick. Other owners said that overtime the dog became sicker. Some people just switched to Beneful for the first time because it is a softer kibble and noticed an immediate problem. Either way, one common thread in the reports was the anguish for having bought this food that injured or killed their beloved pets.
Veterinarians have reported bacterial infections, liver and kidney failure and high toxins in pets that have been brought in related to Beneful dog food illnesses.
This problem is not in a single region but across the country. The number of reported cases, mainly from October 2012 through January 2013, has been increasing and currently there are 220 incidents listed on the consumer affairs site alone. With pets dying after eating this food, the following questions must be asked.
Is Purina turning a blind eye to what their Beneful product is doing?
Why has there been no recall or statement issued by the FDA?
How many injuries and deaths must there be before someone takes some action?
The FDA has three levels of recall.
  1. The recall is made by the firm’s own initiative.
  2. The FDA makes a request to recall.
  3. The FDA orders a recall under statutory authority.
The FDA website was updated as of December 31, 2012, and with just about every other pet food available listed on the site, there is blatantly no mention of either Purina or Beneful.
In 2007, Purina dog food was identified for dog fatalities after an autopsy revealed aflatoxins in the food and the ASPCA became involved. Aflatoxins are known to be found in moldy grains, like the corn that would be in the dog food. At that time, there was a large recall. In 2005 100 dogs died for the same reason prompting another recall of a different brand of food.
At this time, there has been no indication that the ASPCA is investigating these 220 incidents. It is apparently up to us, the pet owners to take some action so that other pet owners, who may be unaware of this crime, don’t have to go through this devastating experience.
Here is how you can help. You can post this news article or even a note to the following social networking sites:
  • Warn your friends on Facebook
  • Tell your followers on Twitter
  • Inform your Google +circles
Push the agencies that can do something to get involved by contacting the following organizations:
At minimum, inform your friends and fellow pet owners to be very careful on what they feed and check the recall lists.
Feed a food you can trust or

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lake County Dog Owners License Alert

Today is January 12, 2013

You have until January 31 to get your dog licenses. 

This is a State Law requirement.
Having a license provides 24/7 protection for you dog in the event he/she gets lost.  Dogs wearing a current license are given 14 days to be reclaimed .

Failure to having no current license will receive a citation that can cost up to $250 plus court fees. 

Places to get your dog licenses:
  • Lake Co. Auditor's Office
  • Lake County Dog Shelter
  • Animal Hospital Inc
  • Brightwood Animal Hospital
  • Crile Hardware
  • Drug Mart - Mentor
  • Drug Mart - Eastlake
  • Lake County Hunmane Society
  • Madison Pet & Garden
  • Mentor Veterinary Clinic
  • Painesville Elevator
  • Perry Coal & Feed
  • Pet Paradise
  • Pets Supplies Plus
  • Pet-Tastic Grooming
  • Paw Wash
  • Western Reserve Hardware
  • Willow Run Vet Clinic
  • Willoughby Hill Vet Clinic
  • Willowick License Bureau
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Puppy Food for Large Breeds

Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food For Large Breed Puppies contains a precise balance of protein, calories, calcium and phosphorus to encourage healthy, controlled growth rates and aid in the development of strong teeth and bones.

The Ingredients in this food were carefully chosen for their individual nutrients, which work together to provide a comprehensive and perfectly balanced meal to help your puppy grow and thrive.
We cultivate long-term relationships with our suppliers to make sure we obtain the highest quality ingredients and we've made it our mission to provide companion animals with exactly what they need to help ensure a lifetime of good health.

Premium Dog Food New large breed puppy food

Premium Dog Food

Now new large breed puppy food!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Lake County Ohio Dog Licence 2013

Licensing Your Dog 2013Remember to get your dog a new 2013 dog license.

All dogs three months of age and older according to Ohio state law must be licensed. This apples to other states as well, check with your local Dog Shelter for details. New licenses are sold between December 1 and January 31 and can be purchased at:
The Lake County Dog Shelter 2600 North Ridge Rd., OH 44077 
Geauga County Dog Shelter; Warden's Office 12513 Merritt Road Chardon, OH 44024
For other Counties, check your local phone directory for information.

A Dog license attached to your dog's collar will identify you as the owner. This is sometimes your only hope to getting your dog back if he should become lost.

Listed below are phone numbers in the Lake/Geauga area of agencies that you may want to contact:
Geauga County Humane Society (440) 338-4819 -
Lake County Humane Society (440)-951-6122 -
Local Dog Wardens - Geauga: (440) 279-2180 -
Lake: (440) 350-2640 or 350-2641