Saturday, February 25, 2012

Arthritis medication for Dogs

So your vet is telling you your dog has arthritis....
Did you know that arthritis medicine for canines is big business? 

The drug Rimadyl is one of the DVM's top bestsellers.  It has been prescribed to countless numbers of dogs in the United States and many other countries. Many vets and dog owners give praise to the drug but it has also stirred up much controversy with some pet owners complaining that nobody warned them of its bad side effects and risks.
The drug carprofen, also known as Rimadyl, Imadyl, and Imafen is a a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug for dogs and cats.
Most dogs respond well to carprofen use, but like all non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medications used in humans and animals, it is capable of causing gastrointestinal, liver and kidney problems and other side effects including: decrease or increase in appetite, vomiting, change in bowel movements (such as diarrhea, or black, tarry or bloody stools), change in behavior (such as decreased or increased activity level, incoordination, seizure or aggression), yellowing of gums, skin, or whites of the eyes known as(jaundice), change in drinking habits (frequency, amount consumed), change in urination habits (frequency, color, or smell), change in skin (redness, scabs, or scratching), and liver or kidney problems

Contemplating on whether to give your dog Rimadyl or any other arthritis medicine is ultimately a personal choice and should be research as much as you can before making a decision and do discuss it with your veterinarian.

There are other options to look too.  Natural alternatives that can help relieve your pets symptoms and give them better over-all health.

Whichever route you decide it up to you, I tend to go the natural route first before putting my pet's physical health in jeopardy. Be sure you have thought it through before giving your dog something that could be potentially harmful to them. Your pets depend on you to make the right decisions for their care.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Life's Abundance business - Starting

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Pet Food Recall - A Major Problem

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Westminster Best Of Breed Winner

Along with people all over the globe, those of us here at Life’s Abundance monitored the Westminster Dog Show with keen interest. In fact, two of our very own Field Reps were affiliated with a dog competing alongside hundreds of others at this parade of canine excellence!
Do you want to feed your dog like a Westminster Best Breed Winner? Well you can!

We weren’t disappointed. Tuesday night, the prized Mastiff, Seamus (full name, Beowulfs Bit O'Blarney) beat out 18 other Mastiffs to take a coveted Best of Breed prize. We couldn’t help but share big smiles as he grandly galloped around the show ring at Madison Square Garden … after all, he’s a Life’s Abundance dog! Susann Everett is his proud breeder and Traci A McKeown-Weaver is his thrilled pet parent.

If you missed the coverage on USA Network, don’t worry … you can watch all of the highlights online. In fact, we’ve included the video link below, capturing Seamus’ big win. As you’ll see, the onlookers erupted in cheers when the judge included him in the top dogs, and then again when he clenched the Best of Breed award. It was a fitting, belated birthday surprise, as he just celebrated his third birthday on January 6th.

One of the oldest breeds and believed to be the father of other working breeds, Mastiffs are known for their protectiveness and gentleness, and Seamus is no exception.

In addition to running her Life’s Abundance business, Susann operates Beowulf Mastiffs Global, a nurturing breeding business. If Susann’s name is familiar to you, it might be because she was featured in January’s Reward & Recognition announcement, when she achieved 9-Star status for her tireless promotion of Life’s Abundance. Traci is in Susann’s downline and she signed up as a Field Rep in October of 2010.

We’re all awfully proud of Susann and Traci’s loveable Mastiff.
Kudos to you all!
The Life’s Abundance Team

Monday, February 20, 2012

Dog Leashes

Dog leashes are not all the same. Here are four types:

Standard leashes are use for everyday use and basic obedience training. They are typically in 4-8 feet in lengths. Most leashes found in pet stores are 6 foot long which is ideal for most dog walking. The materials used are nylon or leather.

Adjustable leashes are similar to standard leashes, however they have several loops along the leash that allow the length to be adjusted to be shorter or longer. Kind of custom fitted to arm length. This also allows better training handling. Adjustable leashes are nice to attached to things such as park benches or trees.

Martingale leads are a collar and leash combo. They are Commonly used for toy or small breeds in the show ring or for a dog that does not were a collar in the home. The collar portion slips over the head and tightens when the lead is being pulled. Larger sizes are available for medium or larger dogs.

Retractable leashes contain a cord of up to 26 feet that retracts into a plastic case with a handle. The way it works is similar to that of a measuring tape. The leash can lock in place at any length. Retractable leashes allow your dog to freely wonder about without letting your dog off-leash. When using these leashes, you dog should be trained to walk on a regular leash. If your dog is not trained he will be hard to handle on a retractable leash. These leashes can become tangled around you or your dog resulting in a hazardous situation.

New Safe Retractable leash coming soon.

Retractable leashes pose problems for people and their pets.
Most accidents appear to happen when the cord wraps itself around fingers or when it snaps out and hits the eye or other body parts.
Dogs darting into the street, owners unable to jerk them back from afar.
Cord can lock into place and snap the dog's neck.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Using Essential Oils for Dogs

These days more people are realizing the many benefits of using essential oils to help with their dogs. The great thing about Essential Oils are that they help strengthen and regulate the bodies immune system, they also assist with healing a variety of diseases and ailments. Essential oils are also helpful for emotional problems. All dogs are different, just like us so what works for one may not be beneficial for another. Experiment to see which variety of oils will work to give your pet relief. It is very important to use a high quality, pure essential oil.

Do Not Use On Cats

How to use essential oils with your dog:

Massage in method
Add one drop of essential oil to 1/2 tsp. carrier oil, such as
jojoba oil, sweet almond oil or olive oil. Massage into hairless or
least hairy area of the skin, such as the armpit, groin or inner
thigh. Massage gently for 3 - 4 mins. Do not apply undiluted
essential oil directly to your pet's skin.

Add a few drops of essential oil to the water in a diffuser. Leave
your dog in the room with the diffuser for about 30 mins, twice
daily, while the oil is evaporated into the air your dog will breath
it in.

Mister or spray bottle
Use to spray dog's bed or area.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Omega-3 Fish Oil Webinar

Omega-3 Fish Oil Webinar
Tuesday, Feb. 14th at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time
On Tuesday, February 14th, we will conduct a webinar on fish oil. We will begin the webinar with a discussion on omega-3's in the news. After that, we will review the general health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil. The purpose is to educate you about the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil.
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Yorkie in her purple dress

Looking stylish in purple

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