Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No mushrooms for dogs

Dogs have been known to eat mushrooms while on walks. Research shows that 99% of mushrooms have little or no toxicity when eaten by dogs,  however 1% are highly toxic and can cause life threatening problems.  When you seen mushrooms or toatstools growing in your yard, remove them.  You should were gloves to do that.  If you feel your dog has ingested a poisonous mushroom, contact your veterinarian right away. 
Amanita pantherinaAmanita muscariaAmanita phalloides

Bad mushrooms  - There are many more so beware.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Infections in Pets and what to use to help them....

Many dogs and cats with infections have benefited from doing just one simple thing.  Adding supplements to their diet, but just not any supplement, NuVet Plus.  My dogs take them daily and I love the results. Just as every pet is uniquely different, the results will depend on many factors including age, genetics, the environment, and the severity of the condition of their health.


Some common types of infections include:
Flea infection – often brought on by a dog or cat itching and scratching the affected area. Fleas are small parasites that attach themselves to your pet and reproduce.
Bladder infection – occurs when a bacterial infection originating outside the bladder is able to enter the bladder through the urethra (a part of the urinary tract).
Ear infection – most commonly caused by allergies, but also by bacterial and yeast infections, imbalanced diet or hormonal imbalances caused by Cushing’s Disease, Hypothyroidism and immune related disorders. 
Yeast infection – caused when yeast and bad bacteria begin to multiply rapidly and weaken the immune system. Allergies, grain-based foods, prescription drugs, lawn and household chemicals and poisons can all contribute to yeast infections.
Eye infection – most often caused by a bacterial or viral infection, these can result from debris particles trapped in a pet’s eyes, irritation from bugs or household cleaners, Lyme Disease, allergies or the spread of other infections.

Symptoms:Your pet's behavior is often a sign that an infection is present. Pets may whine, scratch, chew, or rub the affected area. Foul odor, redness, inflammation, pain, discharge or fluid buildup may occur around the site of infection. You may also note a decrease in your pet’s energy levels or other abnormal behavior.

When a pet has a compromised immune system even a scratch can develop into more serious conditions. Chewing or itching can be subject to bacteria and further infection. If left untreated, ear infections can lead to a ruptured eardrum, problems with balance or even hearing loss. Pink Eye, Cherry Eye and even cataracts can result from an untreated eye infection. Bladder infections can eventually lead to bladder and/or kidney stones, as well as other conditions such as renal failure, prostate infection or septicemia (an infection of the bloodstream and/or other organs).

Prevention & Treatment:
Immune system health unquestionably affects a dog or cat’s ability to resist infection of any type – a weakened system does not possess the strength to fend off attack by invading microorganisms. Therefore, what can animal caregivers do to maintain their pets’ optimum immune system health and prevent infections, some of which are highly contagious and potentially lethal?

A balanced, antioxidant-rich diet provides the nutritional support that is vital to the prevention of various diseases which render dogs and cats susceptible to certain types of infections. The quality human-grade vitamins, minerals and herbs in NuVet Plus support vital organs and a strong immune system. A healthy blood stream transports essential nutrients throughout the body and flushes out invading pathogens. Keeping your dog’s skin and coat clean and free of matted hair will help to prevent against infections and will repel irritants such as fleas and ticks.

Providing good food that is full of quality protein and low on grains, corn and meat by-products will ensure a healthy digestive system and strong immune system. But pet food alone isn’t enough – supplementation is a vital component to keeping your dog or cat healthy. Adding a high quality supplement will boost internal defenses and provide nutrition for blood, bones and skin. Enhancing your pet’s diet with a complete multivitamin engineered to support vital organs will help to prevent the damaging effects of free radicals.

NuVet Plus is an all natural supplement made from the finest human-grade ingredients, is formulated in a FDA approved laboratory used to produce human pharmaceuticals. The use of this kind of high-tech, superior quality manufacturing facility is unheard of in the pet industry, but NuVet Labs knows that no greater value can be placed on our beloved four legged family members.

NuVet is 100% guaranteed for purity, safety and effectiveness. As one of the oldest and most respected companies in the pet industry, NuVet Labs® protects your purchase with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

Ingredients that are particularly beneficial for your pet’s infections:
Amino acids – Function as immune system stimulants that enhance the antioxidant activity of certain enzymes, strengthening and protecting the skin against injury. In particular, L-Methionine improves and strengthens the skin and aids in wound healing to prevent the development of infection from harmful microorganisms. NuVet Plus contains all the amino acids necessary for optimum health.
Blue green algae – An excellent source of chlorophyll (which acts as a detoxifier and blood cleanser) and sulfolypids (which resist viral infections). Contains numerous trace minerals and more protein than any other whole food. Strengthens the immune system and provides support to the brain and nervous systems. Aids in wound healing and boosts the production of red blood cells, providing an ideal defense against all types of infection.
Cat’s claw (una de gato) – An ancient herb from the Peruvian rain forest, which contains bio-active compounds such as sterols, polyphenols, proanthocyanidins, oxindole alkaloids, quinovic acid, glycosides and triterpenes. Boosts the immune system and acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Its antioxidant properties strengthen the immune system against parasitic infections, while the anti-inflammatory properties minimizes skin tissue inflammation (due to bites and injuries) and discourages the “itch and scratch” response that can weaken and expose the skin to infection.
Evening primrose oil – Contains high amounts of gamma-linolenic acid, which is one of the Omega-6 essential fatty acids that the body requires for the stimulation and maintenance of new skin and nerve cell growth. Studies have also shown that evening primrose oil relieves pain and inflammation; therefore, this substance is essential to preventing “hot spots” (skin inflammation which might result from excessive itching, inviting infection from harmful microorganisms).
Pine bark extract – Minimizes any potential damage from cell oxidation by seeking out and destroying free radicals (disease-causing agents), minimizing any potential damage from cell oxidation. Contains proanthocyanidids, which combat skin inflammation and act as extremely potent antioxidants.
Shark cartilage – A powerful, non-toxic anti-inflammatory agent that provides the additional benefit of stimulating and supporting the immune system against all manner of infectious agents. Contains wound-healing properties that repair damage caused by contact allergens and prevent harmful microorganisms from infecting open wounds. The combination of collagen and glycosaminoglycan found in shark cartilage stimulates the cellular and hormonal components of the immune system, strengthening it against bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Vitamin C – A valuable antioxidant that fights infections, promotes cell growth, tissue repair and immune system health, maintains the structure of connective tissues and skin and strengthens the body against the effects of stress. Stress can strain an animal’s body to the point where it can no longer withstand invasion by harmful microorganisms. Maintains tissues, skin and the immune system by providing resistance against the effects of stress. Also synergizes with other antioxidants (like Vitamin E) and plays a vital role in overall immune system health.

Take that one simple step and put your pet on the road to good health.  Order at www.nuvet.com/42299