Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter Candy is a NO NO for Dogs

With Easter just around the corner, you will most likely have some form of chocolate in your house. We all have heard that chocolate can be lethal to your dog, but do you know why? All chocolate products start with the cocoa tree. Theobromine is the ingredient that is used to make all chocolate – especially dark or baker's chocolate – which is toxic to dogs. This is a xanthine compound in the same family of caffeine, and theophylline. A dogs metabolises theobromine very slowly so it can stay in your dog's bloodstream for many hours with a reaction similar to you drinking several cups of strong coffee. During that time it stimulates the central nervous system and affects the heart and kidneys.A lethal dose of theobromine is between 100-150 mg/kg to cause a toxic reaction. There are variables to consider like the individual sensitivity, animal size and chocolate concentration. Here is an example of chocolate types and the amounts of theobromine:Milk chocolate contains 44 mg of theobromine per oz.Semisweet chocolate contains 150mg/oz.Baker's chocolate 390mg/oz.Candies such as, 2 oz. of Baker's chocolate can cause great risk to an 15 lb. dog. Yet, 2 oz. of Milk chocolate usually will only cause digestive problems. Milk chocolate will often cause diarrhea 12-24 hours after ingestion. Try to get your pet to drink water to prevent dehydration.Xanthines, which has the same effects as caffeine, affect the nervous system, cardiovascular system and peripheral nerves. It has a diuretic effect as well. Signs to watch for if your dog gets a hold of Easter treats: hyper excitability, hyper irritability, increased heart rate, restlessness, increased urination, muscle tremors, vomiting or diarrhea. If you suspect your pet has ingested chocolate contact your veterinarian immediately. They will be able to direct you to what action to take in determining the proper treatment for your pet. Easter is a wonderful time of year, just make sure your family pets are not helping themselves to some chocolate rabbits. Be watchful and give your pet the proper treats. Great one's to try are at Life's Abundance and Flint River Ranch. Click on Dog Treats.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Grooming A Labradoodle Puppy

Here is Charlie, a 4 month old labradoodle puppy. This was her second time in the grooming parlor. I was very happy to see that the wild puppy hair is turning a very beautiful silver. Her owner loves to have her fluffy and that is how I groomed her. She was free from tangles, as her owner is very diligent in brushing her out ever other day. The only trouble spot I found was around her lip line. I suspected she chews on rawhide and to find out, I was right. So today I shaved her face with a #10 blade and trimmed her hair on top of her head and clipped her nails and trimmed up around her feet. That was it. Charile will become a very pretty girl when she grows up.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cockapoo puppy grooming

This is Benji, he is a three month young Cockapoo puppy.I used a comb attachment on his back and scissored his legs and head. It was a topical puppy first groom. Benji did not like the sound of the clipper, he did not like being held on his face to scissor all the hair around his eyes and he would not stand to trim his legs and under side. But he was pretty good despite all that. He did very well for his nail trim, which I was very happy about. I am sure that he will be a great dog to groom in the future. A puppy learns from repetition. This little guy should be groomed every 4-6 weeks to keep his coat in good condition. Brushing is key in keeping the hair free from mats and tangles. This mix breed can be groomed in many styles, the choice is endless. The more he is groomed the better he will be. Benji sure is a handsome boy.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

NuVet and a healthier Abbie

This a Abbie, she is now on NuVet Plus and her owner was so excited to inform me that Abbie is now jumping up on the couch. She also told me that her eyes seem so much better than before. This is a before picture of Abbie prior to taking NuVet Plus. She will be back in for her grooming in 6 weeks, at that time I will take another picture and do a comparison. I will show both pictures at the same time and report my findings.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Basset Hound grooming

Here is Stubby. She is my friend's dog. Stubby was bathed with a product from Ecopure Naturals. This Herbal Shampoo contains active natural: eucalyptus and that makes for a great smelling Basset. She was also given a Blueberry facial to brighten up her white face. Next, I conditioned her with the FURminator Shed-less conditioner to loosen all the dead shedding hair. Basset Hounds most often have dirty ears and I'm not just talking about inside. The ear leather itself can become soiled from being in water and food. I use a flea comb and comb the underside of the ears to remove the dirt. Miss Stubby has a little problem with her toe nails being touched so I am not able to trim them like I would like too. A year or so ago Stubby became paralyzed from some unknown cause. It was heartbreaking to both her owners and to everyone that knows her. The vet had no answer to solve this problem but having her put down was out of the question. So many people including myself prayed for her healing. As you can see from this picture, our prayers were answered. God is so Good! Stubby is again walking and loving life

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bosco had a hair cut * because of springtime mud

It was time for the hair cut. The snow is gone and the mud is here. Here is Bosco after he was groomed enjoying his toy. He still is sporting the orange beard. We have well water so I am pretty sure that is why his hair around his month turns a funky orange color.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saint Patrick's Day dog photos

Some happy dogs getting spiffed up for St. Patrick's Day. A good scrubbing with a great smelling shampoo gets these two in the mood for their photo shoots. Have you ever seen such seriousness on the faces as these two? Way cute!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

NuVet Sample for Dogs

Looking for a chance to try NuVet without first ordering it? Now you can.
I want everyone who loves their dog and is concerned about their well-being to have a chance to see for yourself how much this supplement will be an important part of your dog's health. Pets are lacking the important nutrients needed to sustain proper body function, because frankly it's just not found in any pet food. Even the best of dog and cat foods don't have all the proper amounts of vitamins, minerals, herbs and omega oils that are found in NuVet Plus. In the sample packet shown above, I will send you one wafer as a “taste” test to insure your dog will eat the product. Since NuVet is an all natural, holistic approach to strengthening the immune system and getting the body in tune they recommend you try the product for 60 days. If you have not seen the results you are looking for within the 60 days, the company will return the original purchase price of the product. I can't think of any other company that does that! Plus, I will include two dog food samples I feed my dogs, easy on-line ordering.

NuVet has proven to be extremely effective in treating a number of ailments, including diabetes, heart disease, tumors, scratching, itching, hot spots, allergies, arthritis, low energy levels cataracts, digestive problems and many other health issues, so you have everything to gain by trying it. Please call the manufacturer if you have any specific questions. Tell them you read about NuVet at Spotts Dog Care "Spotts Grooming"
800-474-7044 the order code is 42299

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shih Tzu being Green for St Patrick's day

Snickers is looking very cute after his grooming. He is modeling a shamrock headpiece for his photo portrait. The green carnation is his to wear home and be festive for St. Patrick's day.
For more information on the flower bows, you can contact me for types and prices. please put "dog bows" in the subject line.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Flint River Ranch lowers prices on two popular dog foods

Lower prices on two of the most popular dog food formulas.
Flint River Ranch wants to help out and do their part to help stimulate the economy. Because real market growth has to come from you and me; the American public and the small businesses that make up this great country! We are the true economic generators!
The FRR company has looked at the numbers and have received a slight adjustment in some of the ingredient costs that they use to make the Original Oven-Baked Kibble & Nugget formulas. FRR extended supply contracts and have been able to negotiate a lower price on some key ingredients. So as they have promised, it is being passed on to you and my customers! This price reduction is only on the Original and Nugget 20 & 40 pound sizes. These are the most popular formulas and yes, still #1 after all these years!(:
Original Oven-Baked Kibble:
New 20 LB Dog Price: $ 32.99
New 40 LB Dog Price: $ 60.99

Nugget Oven-Baked:
New 20 LB Dog Price: $ 33.99

New 40 LB Dog Price: $ 61.99

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Samples of Flint River Ranch Pet Food

Now you can try all the Flint River Ranch Dog and Cat food in these great little bags. You get 1 Mixed Sample Pack - Dog and Cat for $7.50
1 x 4 oz bag Puppy & Adult Kibble 1 x 4 oz bag Lamb Millet & Rice 1 x 4 oz bag Trout & Sweet Potato (Fish 'n Chips) 1 x 4 oz bag Nugget Puppy & Adult 1 x 4 oz bag Plus Senior w/glucosamine chondroitin 3 x 3 oz bags Cat & Kitten Tell A Friend
Spotts Grooming/

Flint River Ranch/120855