Saturday, December 29, 2007

"The Brother's Poodle" Pippin and Bosco had a wonderful time this Christmas. They each received a ball, Pippin got a new bed, Bosco got a purse, it was inexpensive and he just pulls the stuffing out anyway.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The close of another year.

2007 was a good year.
Many wonderful things happened in my family. The most special for me was the addition of my new son-n-law John.
My daughter is now married to a wonderful young man that will be reshaping my website. They now live in the Twinsburg area. Life is very different now without Jamie here, but I am so happy and blessed that she found the love of her life.
Of course she took Jenna (rat terrier)with her so the poodles are without their little sister, but they do get to see each other at lest once a week.

I am also a great auntie again. My niece Shanny had her first baby a week before Christmas. Her name is Isabella and boy is she cute. Shanny's little dogs, Pixie and Bam are now big brothers. Yes, our families love our pets!

Well, the start of the New Year will be a changing point for me. I plan on being more organized. I hope to build my business so Jim and I can retire in about 10 years if not sooner. I will still groom some dogs but I will be scaling back some. I have already put the weight limit on for the new year. No dogs over 40 pounds, it's just to hard on my back and neck.

I hope to have some other products that I make for pets on the new website. I make bows and collars and have been told by my customers that I should sell them. You know how the customer is always right? so I will.

Tip for the week
With all the yummy food this time of year, please be careful not to give your pet treats that can cause harm to them.
Macadamia nuts should be avoided. In fact most nuts are not good for a dogs health since their high phosporus content is said to lead to bladder stones.
Chocolate is made with cocoa beans and cocoa beans contain a chemical called Theobromine, which is toxic to dogs.
Fatty foods are hard for a dog to digest and can can very bad to the pancreas, leading to pancreatitis. This can threaten your dogs health and is potentially fatal.
Onions, especially raw onions, have been shown to trigger hemolytic anemia in dogs.
It is always best to treat your pet with things such as carrots, a small bite of apple (just the flesh), a piece of chicken. You know, just use common sense. The very best is a treat from takes all the guesswork out of what to feed as a treat.

Till next time.
Poodle hugs,