Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fourth of July and Dogs

Picture courtesy of John & Jamie Miller

Statistically, every year after the July 4th, animal shelters take calls from frantic pet owners who's dogs and cats have ran off due to fireworks explosions. Please, remember to keep your pets inside your home to protect them from this oh so very common occurrence. It is no fun to have your pet run blindly away from something that literally terrifies them. If you have outdoor dogs, perhaps place them in a closed garage or close the entrance to their dog house. My own dog Bosco is afraid of loud noises. I can't understand why, but I try to help him calm his nerves by petting him and talking to him in a soft voice. Kind of like you would to a small child, I know, he's a dog, but he has feelings too.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Life's Abundance has a New Bag

I want to tell anyone that is new to Life's Abundance or thinking of becoming a new customer to Life's Abundance about the recent bag change style. You may wonder, why change a bag? Well, there are some good reasons and I'm hear to tell you about them. First, it opens differently than the old one. My order came a week or so ago and when I went to open it, I like the self-confident person that I am, grabbed my scissors and cut the top off. After taking out the boy's dinner, I tried to zip close the bag only to find that I opened it the wrong way. In the front of the bag it has instructions. It clearly states "Remove perforated strip to reveal Press & Close seal" This keeps the food fresh.Another nice change is the side panel, it displays a picture of Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM. She quotes "Every batch of every product is guaranteed to meet my rigorous standards for quality ingredients, outstanding nutrition and great taste. If it's in your hands right now, it's simply the best that it can be."

Dr. Jane is one of the nation's premier holistic veterinarians and the Life's Abundance formulator. She is the guiding force behind HealthyPetNet's products.

On the back of the bag you will find a great picture of a happy puppy. There is a short description of how and what this wholesome food is all about. The bag lists all of it's Ingredients, including the Calorie Content and the Guaranteed Analysis. Then there is the Best Fed by Date which is stamped inside a box. Below that is a great Feeding Guide that gives you the feeding instructions for puppies, one for feeding adults and one for feeding pregnant or nursing dogs. Wow, that's impressive!

The other side panel tells us about the Dr.Jane's HealthyPetNet Foundation. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, establishment, maintenance and management of animal rescue groups committed to rescuing homeless animals all over America. Your purchase of this food supports the important work of this extraordinary foundation. In fact, a portion of every dollar you spend at HealthPetNet goes to help these abused and neglected animals.
These are just some the reasons I love and Trust Life's Abundance for my dogs. My business name is Pips Choice, truly the food Pippin prefers.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Little known Facts about Poodles

Did you know that Poodles are not really french, in fact, they originated in central Europe.

The Poodle is one of the smartest breeds in the world. A poodle named Chanda-Leah know over 1000 tricks.

Poodles have a double coat which has the appearance and quality of lamb's wool.

In the beginning, the poodle was meant to be a water dog, retrieving game that was shot down by hunters.

Poodles are great pets for allergy sufferers because they do not shed.

The name "poodle" is a derivative of the old German word "pudein" which translates roughly "to splash in water."

The Poodle was first registered by the American Kennel Club in 1887.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Poodle Mix Dog

Poodles seem to be mixed with just about every breed these days, in fact, they are some of the cutest dogs ever. Poodle mixes are so popular mainly because of their well temper, good nature and hypoallergenic properties. Poodles are non-shedding and people love that. Take Annie for instance, she is part poodle and part unknown. Her coloring is so wonderful and she is very evenly marked. The hair is very soft, but not to tight like purebreds. Her tail is long, not docked as in the poodle standards. Mixes can be groomed in many different styles to have many different looks. They can take on the appearance of either breed that they are crossed with just by how they are groomed. I enjoy styling mixes, especially the one's that are half poodle. These wonderful, charming dogs make great pets. But like it's pure breed parent, they must be groomed every 4-6 weeks to maintain a healthy, mat-free coat.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What is a Hot Spot?

A hot spot (acute moist dermatitis) is a wound, usually caused by the dog chewing and or licking at an area on his skin that is irritated. This may be due to allergies, insect bites or some kind of irritant such as chemicals i.e. shampoo, cologne, carpet cleaners, I have been told that topical flea treatments can cause a hot spot. I'm sure anything is possible. If a hot spot is left untreated, it will become moist and infected so you want to clean the spot. You can start by clipping the hair from the area to allow it to dry. The area of dermatitis is then cleaned with an antiseptic. After you have dressed the infected area try to keep the dog from continuing to scratch or chew the hot spot, easier said than done but, try. If you need help, visit your vet. He might start your dog on a short course of corticosteroids to relieve the itchiness and decrease the inflammation of the area. Antibiotics are also prescribed to treat the infection present in the skin and in some cases a topical astringent can be used to help dry up the sore.
NuVet Plus works wonders on Hot Spots to heal and protect against the ravages of free radicals that attack your pet throughout its life. So if hot spots are a problem in your pet's life, try NuVet Plus.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Independent Representative for Pet Food

Do you love pets? I do and that is why I joined a winning team of pet professionals. If you want to feed your pets one of the best pet foods out there and make money doing it.......

You will get all of this to start your own business. Trilogy Products in Executive Field Rep PackInstinctive Choice Canned Cat Food (3 oz can)Advanced Daily Supplement for Dogs (60 tablets)Immune & Body Support for Cats(4.6 oz)Agility for Dogs & Cats (60 tablets)Antioxidant Health Bars (12 oz jar)Antioxidant Health Bars Samples (20 per pack)Daily Oral Care (16 oz. bottle)Ear Care Formula (4 oz. bottle)Gourmet Dental Treats (14 oz. jar)Gourmet Dental Treats Samples (20 per pack)LA Dog/LA Weight Loss/LA Cat Samples (12 of ea.)Oven Baked Treats for Horses (24 oz.)Oven Baked Treats for Horses Samples (20 per pack)PorkHide Bones (4 bones - 4-½" ea.)PorkHide Bones (3 bones – 6 ½” ea.)Porky Puffs Dog Chews (5 chews)Purr-fectly Natural Cat Treats (4 oz.)Purr-fectly Natural Cat Treat Samples (20 per pack)Skin & Coat for Dogs & Cats (60 tablets)Soothing Mist for Dogs & Cats (8 oz.)Spa Scents Bath Fresh Mist (8 oz. bottle)Spa Scents Revitalizing Shampoo (12 oz. bottle)Tasty Rewards (4 oz.)Wholesome Hearts (12 oz. jar)Wholesome Hearts Samples (20 per pack)
Best of all, this gives you the tools to learn about Life's Abundance and how to grow your business. In today's economy, it's smart to start your very own business.

Compare Life's Abundance Dog Food To your Brand of Pet Food

Do you really know what's in your dog's food? Most people don't!
Thinking of Switching to Life's Abundance Health Food for Puppies & Adult Dogs? You most certainly will after you see this.

Beneful Nutro Natural Eukanuba
ScienceDiet Purina One Iams
Purina ProPlan Natures Recipe Wellness

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DogPause Dog Bowl *Stops The Frenzy Feeding Habit*

Pippin & Bosco enjoying their
Life's Abundance health food in the New DogPause Dog Bowl

When Ryan from DogPause - The Healthy Dog Bowl contacted me about reviewing the DogPause feeding bowl, I said "Sure" I'm always looking for new, innovative items in the Dog World.
What is the DogPause? Well, it is a dog bowl that slows down the eating habits of some dogs. I like to call these kind of eaters, scarfers, you know, the one's that eat so fast that they eventually throw-up. This way of consuming foods can also have health problems associated with it. For instants: flatulence (gas), belching, gagging, anxiety, bloating and obesity has been link to speed eating. Just like us, dogs that eat fast can have stomach aches and feel miserable. Slowing down the intake of food can be controlled by the DogPause Dog Bowl. The people of DogPause conducted a clinical trial at an independent kennel that was overseen by research veterinarians. This clinical trial was performed by three known breeds of fast eaters: Labrador Retrievers, Rottweilers and Pointers. Back when Otis (my black Lab) was here with us, (he is now in heaven) he loved to eat and he was a scarfer, if the DogPause was invented back then I surely would have gotten him one. Anyway, back to the study. The results demonstrated that the DogPause slowed down the rate of eating by all the dogs in the test by an average of 50% or more. This means that if a dog downs his food in an average time of 72 seconds using a typical dog dish by replacing the dish with the DogPause, the time it takes to finish is lengthened by 108 seconds on average.
Pippin looking to see if Bosco still has food left, Yes, he does. Bosco checking to see if Pippin finished his dinner, yes, bummer all gone.
To learn more about this wonderful tool in feeding "fast, speed eaters" go to there you will find all the facts and ordering information you need to make this a healthy part in your daily feeding your pet. Watch a video and see a side-by-side comparison of Hank with his regular dog bowl and with DogPause.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wheat in Dog Food * Flint River Ranch *

Flint River Ranch's philosophy on WHEAT AS FOOD INGREDIENT
Some humans, as well as pets, are allergic to wheat. However, it is a far better grain to digest than corn or soy bean. Using a combination of different forms of grain - ground wheat, wheat flour, wheat germ meal, ground rice is better than just one grain.
Humans, as well as pets, have certain foods they should not eat. The people of Flint River Ranch realize that one product cannot meet the needs of every pet owner. While a wheat base is acceptable to most dogs, it is up to each pet owner to make this determination. They purchase the grains from General Mills and Pilsbury, not direct from the farm. The cost is greater; however, this insures them of receiving the finest quality without the risk of mold or other harmful toxins.
Flint River Ranch - A company you can trust!!
If your dog is allergic to wheat, try the LAMB, MILLET & RICE FORMULA

NuVet Plus takes on Free Radicals

What are free radicals? Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms with an odd (unpaired) number of electrons and can be formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. Once formed these highly reactive radicals can start a chain reaction, just like dominoes tumbling down. Their chief danger comes from the damage they can do when they react with important cellular components such as DNA, or the cell membrane. Cells may function poorly or die if this occurs. To prevent free radical damage the body has a defense system of antioxidants. Today mainstream medicine and veterinarian medicine have become more aware of the harmful effects of free radicals, and doctors are suggesting that supplements should be taken daily.
The NuVet Labs™ research team started with the premise that even the most expensive pet food available is lacking in basic nutrients essential for proper cell support and longevity. It is a fact that some of the ingredients in most pet foods produce free radicals or unstable oxygen molecules which causes oxidation of the cells and subsequent mutation and death of the cells. This is another reason to feed your pet's a healthy pet food like Life's Abundance. Did you know that our pets' counterparts in the wild eat a much more balanced diet consisting of green vegetables, fruits, nuts and other nutrients that contain antioxidants that are required for the proper maintenance of health. Recent studies have shown free radicals to be implicated in the cause of more than 50 diseases including heart disease, various forms of cancer, cataracts, and premature aging. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that, according to research, can hit each cell in the body 10,000 times each day. As these free radicals constantly hit the cell membrane, it starts to break down and become weak. This weakness will eventually lead to cell mutation or death of the cell. Thereby, attacking the healthy parts of the body and degrading the immune system.
Antioxidants are vitamins, minerals and enzymes that protect the body from the damaging effects of free radicals. Antioxidants, which have healing properties are found in certain vitamins and foods. The body manufactures a defense against free radicals in the form of antioxidants. However, there are more free radicals actively destroying the cell membrane than our body can defend against. This is where the powerful antioxidants in NuVet Plus step in to assist the natural defense mechanism of the bodies.
When NuVet Plus is introduced into the body, there is a boosting of the immune system and a decrease in the ravages of free radicals.
We can help our animals protect against free radicals by supplementing their diet with NuVet Plus, the product that is formulated to be the most powerful antioxidants available.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Home Made Tire Jump for Agility

My boy Pippin loves to jump, so when I took him to agility classes he fell in love. Oh, to run, to jump, to speed through tunes with sheets covering them, to climb, to zig to zag, he was in his glory. To better practice with, I made my own agility apparatuses. This is the Tire Jump. It is a fun obstacle in the "Jump" category. This piece of equipment is found in almost all of agility trials, and by all the agility organizations. To make your own, we will need a piece of the black drainage tubing found at most home stores. The diameter needs to be between 19" and 24". The opening is the same for any size dog. I measured the tube to the right size and taped the ends together. The height, however, is adjusted for different size dogs. To make the frame you need PVC pipes. To built the frame, I first make the feet to hold it upright. The squire holding the ring or tire is then pieced together. To fasted the tire in place, I used a chain at the top so it can be lengthened or shorted. The side are secured by just plain old ribbon I use to make bows, but you can use tape, rope or what ever you like. Have Fun

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The makers of Life's Abundance Pet Food also brings you Healthy Skin Products

In my previous post, I told you about an herbal spray you can make and use on your dogs. However, for those of you that do not like to make things I will tell you about an herbal blend that will enhance the health of our pet's skin that you can buy at (this is not to be use on us though).
We all know that sometimes our pet’s skin can look just awful! They bite and scratch themselves and we feel hopeless. That’s where Soothing Mist by HealthyPetNet comes to the rescue. Soothing Mist spray enhances the natural life cycle of healthy skin.
Formulated with Vitamin C, Zinc and Pro-Vitamin B5 - nutrients helps to nourish, beautify, and defend healthy skin. It contains a calming blend of pure flower and plant extracts, including Aloe Vera, Calendula, Lavender, and Chamomile and it never makes the coat greasy. Safe for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens (over 6 weeks old) so you don't have to worry when they lick themselves. Spray it directly on your pet or onto a cottonball, either way it works fast. This gentle formula feels good on the skin and doesn't sting like other topical skin products can. Finally, an herbal product that you can spray on your pet's skin and feel confident that you are doing the right thing!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Cooling Mist an Aromatherapy Spray for You and Your Dog

Hot Summer days can be very irritating for us and pets. I like to cool down with a nice herbal spray. This nice, refreshing spray is very effective both as a insect spray and a cooling spray on your skin. For use on your dog just give a spritz on their back and tummy.
This is what you need:
3 ounces of filtered water
1 ounce of unscented alcohol or you can use a cheap vodka
6 drops of basil essential oil
4 drops of juniper berry essential oil
4 drops of peppermint essential oil
Mix all the ingredients together in a small spray bottle and shake well before each use.
Peppermint is good for travel sickness, vomiting and nausea.
Juniper is good for arthritis and kidney problems.
Basil is good for grief and pining (a feeling of deep longing)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Timberwolf Organics is recalling two of their foods

Timberwolf Organics is recalling two of their pet foods, Dakota Bison and Ocean BluePosted on their website today…
From Timberwolf Organics
Due to recent reports from some customers, we have ordered that two formulas from three specific dates be pulled from the shelves. These are: Dakota Bison with ‘best by date’ of 12 Feb 2009 Ocean Blue with ‘best by date’ of 20 Feb 2009 Ocean Blue with best by date’ of 8 March 2009 The reported symptoms include dogs refusing to eat, diarrhea or vomiting. While the problem is inconsistent (not every dog eating food from those dates/bag show the symptoms and not every bag), to err on the side of caution have decided to pull the formulas produced with the above dates. Initial testing has come back negative for problems and further testing is pending results. As soon as the cause of this reported problem is determined procedures will be put into place to ensure that an event like this cannot happen again. Please be assured that no other formulas and Ocean Blue and Dakota Bison with dates other than ones listed above are not affected.

Just one more reason to check out Life's Abundance and Flint River Ranch.
Life's Abundance food was formulated, fed and tested according to the Nutritional profiles of the American Association for Feed Control Officials for all stages of life. Flint River Ranch is nutritionally complete and balanced, exceeding AAFCO nutrient profiles.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Clay Essentials Free Sample

Every now and then I like to tell people about some of the other products I have in my business. We pamper our pets sometimes more than we do ourselves, so now you can give yourself or a friend a little something special.
Try Free Samples of Clay Essentials Face & Body Masque. The Free Sample includes two quarter-ounce jars of the Face & Body Masque, a beautiful full-color catalog and cover letter with instructions on how to use the product. And it is mailed in a high-end, clear tube with a portion of the catalog showing through.

Click on the picture to order. Shipping and handling charge is just $5.95 and there is a limit of one per order.

While facials can cost from $80 to $160 and body wraps from $250 to $350 at professional spas, Clay Essentials Face & Body Masque allows users to achieve the same head-turning results at just a fraction of that expense. Just one 24-ounce jar provides approximately 96 luxurious face and neck treatments, that’s less than $1.00 a treatment! Or 24 face and neck treatments and 3 full-body treatments in just one jar — what a value!

Dr. Jane Foundation

Dr. Jane's HealthyPetNet Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, establishment, maintenance and management of animal rescue groups committed to rescuing abused animals in the U.S.
Trilogy is proud to donate a portion of our net profit from the sale of all of our product lines to help support the operations of this extraordinary foundation.

Great News from Life's Abundance Pet Food

Autoship Period Extended
Since many customers are doubling up on their Autoship orders, we have extended the Autoship interval out from 90 to 120 days. Now, you can schedule an Autoship order to process anywhere from every two weeks to every 120 days. This also helps to save money, two bags of food is the same cost in shipping as one.

Haven't tried Life's Abundance? Why not go to and check it out.

Thinking of becoming a Independent Field Representative for Life's Abundance? Why not try our Executive Packs.
We are very pleased to report that the Executive Packs are a real success. Over 60% of recruits purchase these packs and sign up as Executive Field Reps. That's great news for all of us because our statistics show that Executive Field Representatives are more successful than basic Field Representatives. Executive Reps make a commitment to their business and they have a better product knowledge. They also have an opportunity to sell products in the packs for a good profit if they choose and they get to share in the Recruiting Bonus Pool. Basic Field Reps are not eligible for the Recruiting Bonus Pool, which could mean thousands of dollars lost over time.