Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dog Dies from Rabies in Summit County Ohio Lake County Health Dept.

Dog Dies from Rabies in Summit County
This posted by a local vets office
Recently we received notice from Lake County Health District that a dog from Summit County was diagnosed with and died from the raccoon strain of Rabies. Until now, Summit County has not had a case of Rabies except in bats.

As reported to us, two Siberian Huskies had the run of a 5 acre property. The dogs had a habit of frequently killing raccoons and groundhogs. The animals were vaccinated when they were young, but never received further vaccinations against Rabies. One of the dogs was reported to have a bite wound and became ill several days later. It did receive veterinary treatment, but later died. The dog was sent for rabies testing and was found to be positive.

The surviving dog was confined to a strict 6- month isolation for observation for the onset of rabies symptoms. The dog and the uninvolved cats were also immediately vaccinated. Reportedly, the family and six members of the veterinary staff began post exposure rabies prophylaxis.

The raccoon strain of rabies is endemic in northeast Ohio and this strain of rabies may infect almost any wild mammal, domestic pet, or livestock. This year alone, Lake County has had 8 reported cases of raccoon strain rabies in skunks. Proper rabies vaccination of our pets and livestock not only prevents their exposure to rabies but is an effective barrier between humans and the fatal virus. A copy of the most recent Lake County news release regarding rabies in skunks can be found at the Lake County General Health District web site @

Please make sure all your pets are current on their Rabies vaccine.


DeRidder, Louisiana – O’Neal’s Feeders Supply, Inc. announced a voluntary recall of its dry Arrow Brand DOG FOOD – because it contains corn which was detected to have higher than the acceptable levels of aflatoxin.. The affected products were manufactured between Dec. 1, 2010, and Dec. 1, 2011. No illnesses have been reported in association with these products to date. Affected products are:

ARROWBRAND 21% Dog Chunks SKU #807 40 lb. bag

ARROWBRAND Super Proeaux Dog Food SKU #812 40 lb. bag

ARROWBRAND Professional Formula Dog Food SKU #814 50 lb. bag

The recall only applies to the above products with the following Packaging Date Codes 4K0335 to 4K1335.

The affected dry dog food products were distributed in the state of Louisiana and Texas. Retailers have already been instructed to remove the affected brands and products from store shelves.

While no adverse health effects related to these products have been reported, O’Neal’s Feeders Supply, Inc. is implementing this recall as a precautionary measure. Consumers are urged to return affected products – whether in opened or unopened packages – to their place of purchase for a full refund. For more information, contact 800-256-2769 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Aflatoxin is a naturally occurring mold by-product. Pets that have consumed any of the above recalled products and exhibit symptoms of illness including sluggishness or lethargy combined with a reluctance to eat, vomiting, yellowish tint to the eyes or gums, or diarrhea should be seen by a veterinarian.

Just one more reason to buy from a company that only uses the best ingredients and is batch tested daily.  See for yourself at the only food Spotts Grooming uses and recommends.

Monday, December 5, 2011

How much to feed a 30 pound pitbull?

To learn more CLICK HERE

Dog License 2012 Lake County Ohio sales agents

Lake County Ohio Dog owners must license their dogs no later than January 31, 2012
The application Fee is $15.00 Per Dog

7701 Crile Road
Painesville, OH 44077

150 North Lake Street
Madison, OH 44057

6455 North Ridge Road
Madison, OH 44057

New York Central R.R.
Perry, OH 44081

2600 North Ridge Rd
Painesville, OH 44077

105 Main Street
Painesville, OH 44077

9640 Old Johnnycake Ridge
Mentor, OH 44060

7564 Tyler Blvd., Unit E
Mentor, OH 44060

6231 Reynolds Road
Mentor, OH 44060

539 Liberty Street
Painesville, OH 44077

8691 Twinbrook Rd
Mentor, OH 44060

2139 Mentor Ave
Mentor OH 44060

8500 Mentor Ave
Mentor, OH 44060

2735 SOM Center Road
Willoughby Hills, OH 44094

34100 Vine St
Eastlake, OH 44095

35535 Euclid Avenue
Willoughby, OH 44094

30125 Euclid Avenue
Wickliffe, OH 44092

28716 Chardon Rd
Willoughby Hills OH 44092

31517 Vine Street
Willowick, OH 44095

Monday, November 28, 2011

Artificial sweetener can kill dogs

There are many foods you should never give your dogs.

With the holidays here and people are baking sweet treats for friends and family, don't be tempted to treat your dog to these same goodies.

A common artificial sweetener found in sugar-free baked goods, candy, oral hygiene products and chewing gum can be deadly if ingested by a dog, the US Food and Drug Administration warns.

The ingredient, Xylitol, can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar (hypoglycemia), seizures and liver failure in dogs, which may lead to death, according to FDA. Signs that a dog may have consumed Xylitol can occur within minutes or days of ingesting the sweetener, and include depression, loss of coordination and vomiting.

FDA advises pet owners immediately contact a veterinarian or pet poison control center if they suspect their dog may have ingested the product.

When stuffing those Christmas stockings with candies and other yummy tidbits make sure to keep them out of the reach of you fur kids. Be safe not sorry.

Pedigree's definition of Long lasting dog chews

I was reading an interesting article and came across this. This just goes to show how big name companies stretch their marketing words to make consumers think they are getting more then they actually do. Case in point:

Pedigree responds to consumer complaint about chewy dog treat

Petfood manufacturer Pedigree said claims made in a TV ad for the Jumbone chew treat are "mere puffery," after a dog owner complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that his dogs consumed the treats in seconds.

The TV ad features a small dog gnawing on the Jumbone and giving up after it could not finish what the commercial called a "long-lasting chewy treat." The dog owner complained to the ASA, claiming his dogs took "under one minute" to finish off the bones.

In its response to the complaint, Pedigree said the man should not have believed the claim of the "lighthearted" ad, saying it was "mere puffery". In Pedigree's view, "long lasting" meant "several minutes." The ASA weighed the evidence and dismissed the consumer complaint, siding with Pedigree that its chewy dog treats lasted an average of about "three minutes and 21 seconds," which it considered long lasting, in comparison to softer treats. 

Now back to my commentary - I know that dogs will chew through treats at a different speed. My own dogs can be given a chew treat at the same time and one will aggressively chew on it and have it gone in a matter of minutes and the other will savor his treat for up to a half hour.

Iams Pet Food Recall due to elevated aflatoxin levels

On November 25, 2011, select varieties of Iams dog and cat foods have been recalled by Price Chopper, a major grocery store chain located in the northeastern region of the United States.
According to an announcement on the Price Chopper website, the recall has been instituted due to elevated aflatoxin levels found in the suspected products.

Iams Original with Chicken Cat Food
UPC 1901403915
Lot Number 12794177D3
Size 6.8 lbs.

Iams Original with Chicken Cat Food
UPC 1901410504
Lot Number 12794177I5
Size 4 lbs.

Iams Lamb Meal with Rice Dog Food
UPC 1901403735
Lot Number 12794177J4
Size 15 lbs.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to confirm this recall on the Iams Company website — or with the Food and Drug Administration YET, there were also some information going around that some Blue Buffalo dog foods had been recalled as well.

Pet Food that has NEVER BEEN RECALLED - Life's Abundance (my own dog's food) Read more about this safe food.  It's a shame you can't trust what you feed your pets, but now you can.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Standard Poodle with fuzzy face

Here is Bosc with a fuzzy face.  This picture was taken at the end of November in Ohio.  Notice the nice day!

Dog car safety tip: Seat Belts

Just wanted to remind pet owners about safely transporting your pets.  Look for a dog seat belt that will hold your dog in place during the ride.  Most seat belts have a padded strap that goes in front of the dog's chest, two straps that adjust for the neck and under the legs and a loop that the car seat belt goes through.

Place the dog in the back seat (the safest location to ride) the middle of the seat is best possible position in your car for your pet.  Do not leave your pet attached to the car's seat belt if you leave the car.  This may cause harm to a pet that tries to move from his set.  Unfasten the car seat belt from the seat belt harness and refasten it upon your return. 

This will assure your pet's saftey when riding in the car.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My std poodle is an Angel

I love this picture of my standard poodle.  His name is Pippin.  Last month he celebrated his 6th birthday. 
He is healthy and full of energy that's to Life's Abundance and NuVet Plus.  To learn more check out Spotts Grooming for ordering details. 

Holiday Dog Gift Baskets

This festive basket contains an entertaining plush toy and an assortment of our most popular treats, including: Wholesome Hearts (low-fat, heart-shaped sensations), Gourmet Dental Treats (honey peanut butter recipe), Antioxidant Health Bars (oatmeal and apple recipe), a bag of Tasty Rewards (savory jerky treats) and Porkhide Bones (small and medium oven-roasted treats) to top it all off. All of these delicious treats are nestled in a lovely, reusable basket.
Your Price: $17.95

Monday, November 14, 2011

Schnauzer grooming after picture

Here's Izzy after she had her spa treatment.  She has a nice bath, her hair dryed and then the style.  Toe nails were trimmed, ears cleaned, face clipped and here she is all nice and fresh.

Designer Dog Collars

Looking for that special custom dog collar for your holiday celebration? 
Check out all the designs for Christmas and Hanukkah at: collars2switch
These handsome products are washable, durable, and are easy to wear on dogs of all sizes. Collars have switch-able designs that peel off so you can switch to another look in seconds.
Just put on another fun design without the
removal your dog's collar. 
No more taking those hard to remove tags off in order to have a new collars2switch look. 

Made in the USA by people that Love Pets.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Poodles love to play

Hey you, half poodle, come play with me.

Grain-Free Cat & Kitten Formula

Super Premium Health Food for Cats from Flint River Ranch now will be serving Super Premium Grain-Free All Life Stages Cat Food.
Order Here

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thanksgiving month

As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, I would like to take time to reflect on all the things I am thankful for here at Spotts Grooming & Pipschoice. My amazing team of reps, friends and my valued clients are the reasons I love what we do. We strive to provide the best possible experience for your pet during their grooming time at Spotts and our products are simply the best. We appreciate your continued business and support. Thank you for letting us make wonderful memories with your pets both in great looks and best of health through nutrition. 
Don’t forget to stay up-to-date with all the happenings by visiting us on Facebook and  our website

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Make Money Helping Pets Opportunity


There has been no better time than right now to join the Pet Industry in leading pet owners to better products.  I can show you how - Please join me in this great opportunity.  Join my team and lets grow our financial future together.

Pets living to be 25 - 30?


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Discover The "Next Generation" Dog Breeder Program

Since 1998, one company has been paying breeders FOR LIFE on every sale they make - instead of paying the big chain stores.

It's Time You Get What You Deserve!

Life's Abundance was started by Holistic Veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks, with two distinct goals in mind.

First, to by-pass the BIG commercial chain stores and sell direct to the public in order to deliver a fresher, safer, and more nutritious product.

Second, to share the profits with the caring men and women who work with pets every day rather than the BIG commercial chain stores.

IMAGINE where you could be financially if you were able to collect just $1 from every bag of pet food you've ever recommended over and over again for the life of that customer? That could be HUGE money for you, especially if you've been in business for a while.

Now IMAGINE - instead of just $1, you could earn about $20 extra from every first time order and about $5 - $8 on every repeat order for the life of that pet! It could bring in enough money to pay for all of your pet food, help you pay your bills, or become a retirement program.

Welcome To A Revolutionary New Pet Company and Breeder Program

started by pet lovers just like you.

Since 1998, Life's Abundance has been offering a superior breeder program, with superior products, and a superior pay plan. Breeders simply recommend these natural products and get paid FOR LIFE on every sale.

STOP losing money with outdated breeder programs, and start making the money you deserve with literally no need for inventory and no extra work

Just do what you've always done. Recommend the best pet food to your clients (or any other pet owner), only now you will get paid for every purchase they make!

Don't Let Pet Food Makers Capitalize On Your Good Name For Free

Have you ever heard the commercials that say, "Recommended by top breeders"?

Big pet food manufacturers are capitalizing on your referrals and gaining LIFETIME customers while

You Get NOTHING. If that's fine with you, then okay. If that bothers you, then continue reading.

Here's The Typical Breeder Program

How Does The Life's Abundance Program Work?

1. Recommend Life's Abundance pet products to your clients - requires no inventory

2. Your client's place their order using your replicated website or by our toll free order line

3. The products are delivered fresh to your clients door within 3 business days

4. You are paid for life...It's That Simple!

The Income Sounds Great, But What Does It Cost To Feed Life's Abundance?

This is one of the most exciting aspects of our program. Breeders can feed a high quality food like Life's Abundance for FREE using the money they earn from the lucrative commission program.

Your customers will also love the fact that we are priced below other foods found in the "premium pet food" section of their local pet store. Our dog food is about $1.56 per lb. and our nutrient dense kibble requires less amounts to feed. (In fact Dr. Bicks has packed about 92 ingredients into each nugget of food!)

The right way to determine the cost of any food is to compare the feeding costs per day. Here are some examples...

- The cost to feed Life's Abundance to a 20lb dog is only .54 cents per day

- The cost to feed Life's Abundance to a 40lb dog is only .75 cents per day

- The cost to feed Life's Abundance to a 60lb dog is only $1.07 per day

- The cost to feed Life's Abundance to a 80lb dog is only $1.27 per day

CLICK HERE to use our pet food calculator to see just how affordable good nutrition can be.

As you can see, your clients can easily afford the superior quality of a food like Life's Abundance for less than they could afford to feed themselves or any of their family members per day.

There Are Two Reasons You Need To Start This Program

FIRST - Your clients need a high quality, healthy, product to feed their dogs throughout their lifetimes.

We're saddened to see so many breeders who don't strongly recommend the right food to their clients and instead allow them to buy whatever they want. It's simply too dangerous and irresponsible to recommend just any pet food brand out there given the rash of recalls and companies changing ownership constantly.

Your clients trust you and they deserve to be told what is the safest and best food to buy.

Plus, all breeders need to feed the best themselves. The biggest reason we find that breeders don't feed the best (quite honestly) is money! Which leads us to the next point.


Many breeders are faced with the dilema of compromising on food quality because they don't have the money to afford something better. They simply don't have the resources to buy what they know is best, so they settle for "okay" instead.

But what if we could show you how to wipe out your food bill through A REAL Breeder Program? A program that pays you every time your client buys what you recommend. You could then use the money for better food, to pay bills, or whatever.

Since our beginning in 1998, we have helped hundreds of breeders succeed financially with this program. It has not only transformed their breeding business, but also their personal lives as a result of the recurring monthly income.

Our philosophy is simple, give the profits to the people who deserve it most - YOU!

Schedule Some Time With Us Right Away

Since the launch of this website we have been flooded with excited breeders wanting to join and we are getting to each person as fast as we can.

Susan Potts
National Field Rep
Life's Abundance

What Does It Cost To Feed Life's Abundance?

The right way to determine the cost of any food is to compare the feeding costs per day. Here are some examples...

- The cost to feed Life's Abundance to a 20lb dog is only .54 cents per day

- The cost to feed Life's Abundance to a 40lb dog is only .75 cents per day

- The cost to feed Life's Abundance to a 60lb dog is only $1.07 per day

- The cost to feed Life's Abundance to a 80lb dog is only $1.27 per day

CLICK HERE to use our pet food calculator to see just how affordable good nutrition can be.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Autumn leaves on a dog

Autumn is a fun time and adding them on a dog's coat is easy and fun.

Tinting a Bichon

Add a little color to your pup... Try children's chalk.  I take and rub the chalk onto the hair and with a brush, I am able to color the hair to give a nice tint to any light colored coat. It's Fun and the dogs love the attention.

Cairn Terrier

Waiting to go.  This is Courage a Cairn Terrier.  He is such a cute kid.  He was groomed and now he is waiting to go home.  Here Courage can comfortably stay in a comfy crate and relax. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dog breeders program

This is a must for any dog breeders.  Works for cat breeders too.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shih Tzu dogs

These little guys look like they are in jail, but they are just waiting for their mom to pick them up.  All clean and clipped and ready to go.

Shih Tzu matted face

This is what a matted face on a Shih Tzu looks like.  It's hard to tell by the picture but the chin and cheeks are badly matted.  Grooming should be done before your pup gets like this.  Matted hair can cause skin problems and will make the dog very uncomfortable.

Standard Poodle in the garden

Here is Pippin in mom's garden. 
He loves to watch butterflies and there sure are allot of them.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Black Std Poodle

Black std poodle - a color that is hard to photograph out doors.  He looks cute as always.

White Std Poodle

Nothing can be more sweeter than a white Std Poodle posing by flowers. 

Yorkie style short

Here is little Molly.  Today she was given a short style trim.  Because she has large ears, I shaved just the tips close and trimmed them to blend into her head.
This is an easy style for any owner to maintain at home by just brushing for a few minutes a day.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Best Food For Breeders to use for their Dogs

The Best food, treats and supplements for breeders to use for their dogs is Life's Abundance.  It is the freshest, safest, Most nutritious food you can buy.  You have healthier moms, bigger pups, lest stool and the list goes on and on. will tell you more.  Oh, and did I mention you can get your food for Free??

Schnauzer grooming picture

Bailey after her grooming

Maltese Groom

The most popular style of pet haircut for these dogs is called a puppy cut.  It can be any length the clients wishes.  However, these little dogs will mat very easily so sometimes shorter is better.

Lady in a Puppy Cut

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Poodle sleeps strangely

I can't sleep when it's light outside.  I need dark.
He is a bit odd for sure, but he sure makes me laugh with all the funny things he does.  Bosco is one of a kind.

Toy Poodle Puppy gets a hair cut

After groom

  Meet little Posy.  She is only 4 months young.  Today at the grooming parlor she was giving a bath using Life's Abundance Revitalizing Shampoo for Dogs & Cats This is a great way to pamper your precious pet. The revitalizing botanical infusion of organic rosemary and sage along with nourishing essences of coconut and palm kernel oil will naturally cleanse and beautify your pet’s coat as the luscious scents of mango and kiwi mingle with energizing citrus notes to bring out natural shine. Its moisture activated odor-fighters react immediately to absorb and neutralize tough pet odors. 

She was fluffed dried and clipped to a manageable length for easy care.
Her face and feet were gently shaved and top knot trimmed. 

As for all poodles: small, medium or large - they need to be groomed every 4 - 6 weeks to keep skin and coat in great condition.  Feeding a healthy food is vitally important as well. 
Visit our healthy food for pets website

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A dog supplement that changed two lives forever

This is reprinted and giving approval to post to The Healthy Dog from the author.

What do you do when the vet tells you that your best friend is at the end of his time, there is nothing they can do for him?? How do you cope when you loose that best friend?

I recently was faced with the above situations. The best friend was my Weimaraner Harley. As his breeder/owner, he started off on a different journey. I sold him at 8 weeks to a family that have had weimaraners before. He was only gone 2 months when I received the call that they had to give him up. He was too destructive and barked non stop. Ok, home he came. I found another home for him about 3 weeks later, a lovely couple that had never had weims, but had a German shorthair. Ok, if they could live with the activity level of a shorthair a Weimaraner would be fine. WRONG!!! Harley was a very ill behaved dog, so home he came again! What really surprised me is how well behaved he was at my house! My husband and I discussed it and decided that he was here to stay, just a bad penny that kept coming back home.

I showed Harley to his AKC championship and had some fun with him in the obedience ring. He was wonderful with our daughter and they spent much time in the swimming pool all summer. He would alert us if there was something amiss in the area that we should know about, but all in all was quite content to sit at my feet.

The true reason that Harley came back home was to surface in about one year. I was having some issues with my left breast. I went to the doctor and was assured that all was fine. Harley kept bumping my left breast with his nose, and then he would whine. I went for another opinion, but was told the same thing. The dog kept up his behavior. I finally saw a surgeon who was inclined to go in and see what it was that upset the dog so much. Alas, I had breast cancer!! The type was different than most (does not show up on most mammograms) and quite aggressive. Harley saved my life!!!

After surgery, the bond was even tighter – to the point that I referred to him as my son! He went most everywhere with me and we planned our family vacations around where the dogs could go with us. Harley slept in the bed, most of the time under the sheets. Talk about spoiled!!

When Harley was 13 he started having trouble with his rear legs. He would fall, and or have trouble getting up. The vet said that he had severe arthritis and all they could do is give him Remidal. The side effects of Reimdal were awful. Yes, it relieved the pain, but he then started with stomach issues and internal bleeding. Obviously the Remidal was not the treatment of choice. I started my research and found a supplement that was amazing. NuVet Plus. I immediately started him on the supplement and could not believe what I saw. He was up walking around again, able to jump on the bed and run in the back yard. His coat improved as did his appetite. When I took him to the vet 6 months later they could not believe their eyes and when he was examined they found his cataracts were gone!!! All of this from a supplement? The vet was in awe and I was thankful.

Now here is an easy way to learn more about NuVet Plus and Order some for your pet.  This can very well save a life.

Monday, August 1, 2011

How much food to feed a cat?

I'm so glad you found my site.
Here is a purr-fect guide for feeding your beloved feline. 

Cat Food bags comes in a few sizes usually in these pounds bags.  The amount of cups per bag are as follows: 

Cups per bag for the cat food are:

6.6 lb bag - 26-1/2 Cups

16.5 lb. bag - 66 Cups

Suggested feeding guideline for cats of the best food is as follows:

Weight (lbs.) Suggested Daily Amount

3 to 6 1/4 to 1/3 cup

7 to 12 1/3 to 1/2 cup

13 to 18 1/2 to 3/4 cup

Now that is less than what most cat food bags tell you the consumer.  The best cat food is made with only the freshest, safest, most nutritious ingredients.  Are you looking for a better food?  I would like to give you a sample.

Cats thrive

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Q & A My Dog is itchy and constantly scratching what can it be if not fleas?

Q - So your dog is scratching and you don't see any fleas now what??

Our Guarantee
A - It may be that your dog is allergic to one or more ingredients in the current food you are feeding.  Studies show that many dogs are allergic to corn, wheat, gluten's and/or poor quality chicken and perhaps even be experiencing a reaction to the awful by-products or another ingredient in his food.   Life's Abundance has NO corn, wheat and dairy!  And made with ONLY human grade ingredients.  Try it and if your not 100% happy we will return your money back.  We promise to deliver high-quality products, in good condition, to your door. If, for any reason, your purchase is not satisfactory, we will gladly replace it or refund your money (excluding delivery charges). Simply return your merchandise with the original paperwork and packaging within 30 days of receiving your order. We promise to process your request in a timely manner. For detailed information on the return policy (including the mailing address), please see the invoice included in your shipment or call Customer Service toll free at 877-387-4564 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Spotts Grooming Parlor

Summer at Spotts Grooming Parlor.  The Yucca was a great welcome as customers entered the drive.  Call for an appointment - now booking 2 weeks in advance.  Thank you. 440-254-3606 Grooming is always by appointment

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Poodle playing with little boy

Poodles love to play with balls and so do little boys.  Can you tell if this is a poodle take away or a hand off? 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Listen to Dr. Jane talk about whole foods for pets

Did you have questions about whole food for pets?
Click Here to listen to a recording from Dr. Jane Bicks. Return to this page to use link to PipsChoice to learn more about these products. She is a holistic vet that has spent many years learning about animals nutritional needs. She is our formulator of Life's Abundance pet products of which I am national field rep.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Why is Life's Abundance better?

So much better.
Products are time tested and proven.
13 year track record.
Stood the test of time.
Our products are stellar.
Our product is the oppertunity. People want to hear about our products.
20 times more people want to buy our products then there are distributor's.
Pets go for our food over their normal kibble.
We have home delivered pet food. People love that.
Products are in demand.
Our supplements are made in human pharmaceutical lab.
Our treats are made in a human bakery.
Foods in our price range don't match quality.
We do not have any competition.
Our products are better because we have Dr. Jane Bicks.
If you want to work from home and do a side business, this is a business you can do at a low start up cost.
Our business is superior - ease of engagement. See someone with pet.. What a cute little dog! the reason I stopped is I'm in the pet business. I'm in the pet nutrition business. What do you feed your pet? I would like to give you a sample to see how Fluffy likes it...
We trip over customers all the time...
These are just a few elements that we have as an oppertunity -

Monday, July 4, 2011

FDA Warning of Pet Shampoo

FDA Issues Caution to Pet Owners with the Use of an Unapproved Pet Shampoo Product

The FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine is alerting pet owners to use caution with the use of an unapproved animal drug product, Douxo Seborrhea Shampoo (0.1% phytosphingosine), distributed by Sogeval Laboratories, Inc. of Coppell, Texas after recently receiving a report of the death of a woman associated with the use of the product on her dog.

The March adverse event report describes a woman with severe, preexisting asthma who had a sudden, severe asthma attack and died while bathing a dog using the product, Douxo Seborrhea Shampoo. A few days later, another asthmatic family member bathed the dog using the same product and experienced a mild asthma attack but recovered.

FDA is advising consumers with asthma or other respiratory conditions to consider consulting with their physicians prior to use of this product.

FDA is currently investigating this serious issue and will provide additional information as appropriate.

Life's Abundance Revitalizing Shampoo for Dogs & Cats
Pamper your precious pet with Revitalizing Shampoo. The revitalizing botanical infusion of organic rosemary and sage along with nourishing essences of coconut and palm kernel oil will naturally cleanse and beautify your pet’s coat as the luscious scents of mango and kiwi mingle with energizing citrus notes to bring out natural shine. Its moisture activated odor-fighters react immediately to absorb and neutralize tough pet odors.
Click on Dog or Cat - then Natural Dog Care or Natural Cat Care

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dominic Valente - 9 Star Rep Life's Abundance

Join us this Monday night as we talk to our newest 9 Star, Dominic Valente. In less than one year, Dominic has risen to the top rank in Life's Abundance.
Learn what he is doing to build his dreams. This is one call you don't want to miss. Listen Here on the web Monday Evening at 9:05pm Eastern or To Listen By Telephone
just dial 561-515-1695
pin 827926#
Bookmark this page to return to to join me in this extraordinary business.

National field rep - Susan Potts

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pet Food Industry June 2011

US pet food Imports.
Things you need to know.....

Click here to go to Pet Food Industry Magazine. June 2011

Then go here to order the freshest, safest and most nutritious pet food. Made from ingredients from US growers. Life's Abundance - when only the best is right for you and your pet.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dog breeds prone to allergies

Beagle, Bichon Frise, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Dalmatian, Golden Retriever, German Shepard, Miniature Schnauzer, Poodle, Pug, Fox Terrier, West Highland Terrier

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Suit Alleges Heartgard Plus Cover-Up

"concern about reports of Heartgard Plus being
ineffective in preventing heartworm in dogs"

Read the full story HERE at:

As a consumer of pet products, I don't trust to many of them. I am one that takes care into what I am giving and or putting on my dogs. There is a lot to learn from this short story....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Holistic Tips by Dr. Jane – Focus on Fleas

It's that time again, those pesky bugs that we dread.

In keeping with a holistic mindset, this month I want to address fleas. Flea season is, or will very soon be, upon us again and the treatment of fleas illustrates how important the holistic approach is.
Read the entire article HERE

Monday, May 23, 2011

Growing pet food firm puts roots in Jupiter Florida

By Alexandra Clough Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

A Palm City company known for its healthy pet foods has purchased land in Jupiter and plans to build a new headquarters and distribution facility.

Life's Abundance has bought a 1-acre parcel just outside the Jupiter Park of Commerce on Capital Street. Plans are to build a 21,000-square-foot facility. The project is valued at $3.1 million, which includes $600,000 paid for the land, said Lester Thornhill, the company's president and chief executive.

See the full story HERE and then go to to learn how you can join this growing business.

The Truth About Pet Food

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

FDA Issues Caution to Pet Owners with the Use of an Unapproved Pet Shampoo Product

May 13, 2011

The FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine is alerting pet owners to use caution with the use of an unapproved animal drug product, Douxo Seborrhea Shampoo (0.1% phytosphingosine), distributed by Sogeval Laboratories, Inc. of Coppell, Texas after recently receiving a report of the death of a woman associated with the use of the product on her dog.

The March adverse event report describes a woman with severe, preexisting asthma who had a sudden, severe asthma attack and died while bathing a dog using the product, Douxo Seborrhea Shampoo. A few days later, another asthmatic family member bathed the dog using the same product and experienced a mild asthma attack but recovered.

FDA is advising consumers with asthma or other respiratory conditions to consider consulting with their physicians prior to use of this product.

FDA is currently investigating this serious issue and will provide additional information as appropriate.
See the source of this here at: The FDA website

A Fabulous Pet Shampoo from a company that has never been involved in a recall ever:

Now is the time to pamper your precious pup with this Revitalizing Shampoo. The revitalizing botanical infusion of organic rosemary and sage along with nourishing essences of coconut and palm kernel oil will naturally cleanse and beautify your pet’s coat as the luscious scents of mango and kiwi mingle with energizing citrus notes to bring out natural shine. Its moisture activated odor-fighters react immediately to absorb and neutralize tough pet odors. I love this shampoo, I use it in my grooming business. The dog's coat look and smell great. This refreshing sent lasts for weeks which owners love.

Monday, May 9, 2011

BioDeodorizer Remove odors from pets and people

BioDeodorizer gets rid of odors by digesting their sources. Safe for use on tile and carpet, trash receptacles, recycle bins, hampers, even drain lines! Eliminates odors from pet beds and pet accidents on carpet and grout, and freshens litter boxes. BioDeodorizer is non-toxic, fully biodegradable, has a neutral pH and contains no harmful phosphates.
Buy Now

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pig ears with salmonella risk recalled

From the Associated Press:

Pig ears with salmonella risk recalled

WASHINGTON (AP) — An Illinois company is recalling pet chews made of pig's ears because they could be contaminated with salmonella.

One illness, to a dog in Missouri, has been linked to the chews, called Pig Ears for Pet Treats. The product is being recalled by the Keys Manufacturing Co. Inc. of Paris, Ill.

Salmonella can affect animals, and there is risk to people from handling contaminated pet products.

The bacteria can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, elderly people and those with weakened immune systems. Symptoms include fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Pets with salmonella may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea fever and vomiting.

The pet treats were distributed in Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia.

Consumers can return the pet treats to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Source - Associated Press
Keys Manufacturing
You can view the full announcement by following this link:

Why take chances??? Go to and read about Porky Puffs. These are great and SAFE. Our company has NEVER had a recall .
They are easily digestible and therefore a safe alternative to rawhide, which can cause choking, throat irritations and potentially dangerous intestinal blockages.

Since the digestive system is the first line of immune defense, treating your dog to a Porky Puff won’t put a strain on his or her health, like other highly-processed products on the market today. You’ll feel better providing a treat they’ll love, while helping to maintaining a healthy digestive system. And Porky Puffs are appropriate for dogs of all ages.
Give your sweet pup something to be truly thankful for – yummy Porky Puffs! AND THEY WON"T BE HARMFUL!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dr. Jane will answer Life's Abundance pet product questions

Conference Call Reminder
Wednesday, May 4th at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time

On tomorrow night's conference call, Dr. Jane will answer Life's Abundance pet product questions and give you a "recipe" to help increase your commissions this summer. Best of all, this recipe is simple and very effective!

You’ll hear grooming tips from an expert and learn why our grooming products are so special. Then, be sure to pass this information along to your customers and prospects. Because helpful tips and in-depth product information can help increase your sales, this whole call will make for an awesome recipe for success!

We hope that you’ll make time to join Dr. Jane for this very special and enlightening call!
Conference Call System
Please follow the instructions below to participate:

Each announcement email will contain a unique conference call link. Click on the link a few minutes before the scheduled call. (If you click on it more than one hour before the call, you will simply get a reminder of when the upcoming call will take place.) The link will open a web page that says "Click here to listen in". When clicked, you will have the option to "Listen Live via Web" or "Listen Live via Phone", as noted below:

•If you choose "Listen Live via Phone", you have two options:
•You can use this general conference call number and ID: (561) 515-1695 and 224012#
•Or, you can dial one of the local phone numbers. On the "Listen Live via Phone" web page, click on the link that says "local dial-in numbers". If you find an appropriate local number, then you may not have to pay long distance charges. Use ID 224012# with local call numbers.
• If you choose "Listen Live via Web", keep the following in mind:
•There are no phone charges.
•This is basically a broadcast option since you will not have the ability to speak. The only way to ask a question is to type into an instant-message box
• Click for more information about participating in this call.

Please remember, Dr. Jane cannot legally advocate any treatment by phone or by email. We ask that you please refrain from asking Dr. Jane any diagnostic questions. If you have condition-specific questions about companion animals, either real or hypothetical, we strongly urge you to seek the medical advice and attention of your veterinarian.

Agility Supplement = For Bones & Joints + A Whole Lot More

Our new and improved Agility supplement is a holistic formula, which means that it takes into account the needs of the whole body, including all the parts that work with the joints.

And last but not least, this holistic formula has a delicious flavor that your furry friends will love! Join thousands of satisfied customers, and help your dog to live a healthier and happier life with Agility Formula.

Example of what you would give a 40 # Dog

Suggested daily serving amount for first week: 2 tablets
Suggested daily serving amount after first week: 1 tablets
Estimated number of days for 60 Chewable Tablets: 53 days
Estimated number of days for 120 Chewable Tablets: 113 days
We recommend you buy 60 chewable tablets, which will last you approximately 53 days. If you go on autoship, we recommend the 7 week autoship frequency. You can always adjust the autoship frequency if needed.

Puppy 1st Groom Schnauzer Yorkie Mix

Puppy's very 1st. Groom. Wow, has this puppy changed??

See how the color has of gray was all removed with just a hair cut.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Omega-3 Fish Oil Webinar

Omega-3 Fish Oil Webinar
Thursday, May 5th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time

On Thursday, May 5th, we will conduct a webinar on fish oil. The purpose is to educate people about the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil. Use this link to register for the webinar

Life's Abundance Pet *Announcing the 2012 Freedom Convention

This is something that you too can do....

Hi everyone,
Read this letter I received from my home-based business head quarters. I won this convention cruise last year and I am going to win it again this year. You maybe wondering why I am so confident. Well, you see.... It is easy to talk to people about their pets and thus tell them about our amazing products. After people see how well their pets love the foods, treats and other products, some choose to join our team. And that's where I can help you. Read on...
at the bottom of the page there is a link to JOIN

"We are so happy to announce the 2012 Freedom Convention is scheduled for February 5 through 11 on the magnificent Carnival Freedom. This is our third convention at sea and we feel very confident that this event will top the last two cruise conventions!

The amazing Carnival Freedom mega-ship is a favorite of our 2010 cruisers and that’s no surprise because this vessel is absolutely spectacular. At 110,000 tons, the Freedom is more like a floating city than a ship. There are four restaurants, a pizzeria, a hamburger and hot dog stand, self-serve frozen yogurt and ice cream venues, a deli, a Sushi Bar and a Tandoori Grill. There are 22 bars and lounges, four swimming pools, a 15,000-square-foot health club, a theatre, an Internet Cafe and a casino. Activities abound, including numerous bingo games, ballroom dancing, karaoke and other entertaining things to do. If you're bringing the entire family, there are loads of kid-friendly pastimes, too. Camp Carnival is an excellent program for children from 2-11 years, Circle “C” is just right for those aged 12-14 and Club 02 will keep 15-17 year-olds happily occupied. If you want to chill out in the kid-free Serenity Retreat or take a glide on the Twister Waterslide, it’s all there for you on the Carnival Freedom.

In addition to the great activities on board, the Freedom stops at three fabulous ports of call: Key West, Grand Cayman and Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Our first stop is Key West, a colorful island paradise that offers water sports, sight-seeing and restaurants. Grand Cayman is our second stop and it is best known for the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. And, last but not least, Ocho Rios is an exotic and exciting port with something for everyone.

If all of that isn't enough to convince you to join us next February, there are many more reasons to attend, starting with this incredible offer – you could qualify for two tickets absolutely free! Better yet, we’re giving you seven months to qualify for two free tickets for an inside cabin and an upgrade to a balcony cabin. Get ready to qualify, as this amazing promotion begins on May 1 and runs all the way through November 30, 2011.

And that’s not all! Throughout the convention week, we’ll be hosting exciting and informative day sessions, created specifically to help you build your business and increase your commissions. Additionally, we’ll offer an exclusive, special event with valuable giveaways, too!

The number of available cabins is limited; therefore, we strongly suggest that you book your cabin now. And, if you later qualify for a free cabin (which includes two tickets), we will reimburse you for the cost of that cabin! The deposit to book any cabin is $500.00 and you must pay the remainder of the fare in full by November 18, 2011. Also, there is no penalty fee if you cancel before that date.

Keep in mind that the cabin prices are subsidized, which means that we are able to offer you prices even lower than Carnival's. Our prices include taxes and government fees plus gratuities. If you comparison shop, please note two things: (1) the prices on the Carnival web site do not include gratuities and other travel web sites generally do not include taxes, government fees or gratuities, and (2) the prices for inside, ocean view and balcony cabins vary according to cabin deck and location. For example, an inside cabin located on an upper deck in the middle of the ship costs more than an inside cabin located on a lower deck in the back of the ship .

Finally, there's no need to worry about making travel arrangements. Our dedicated Freedom Convention travel agent can book your cabin, offer you a monthly payment plan and find other travel discounts.

Check out the 2012 Freedom Convention web site for all the details and start working now so you can join us in February!

Now Click Here to JOIN

Friday, April 29, 2011

Yorkie poodle mix puppy

Here is Chewbacca AKA Chewie. He is a 4 1/2 month Yorkshire Terrie Poodle mix. This was his very first time at the grooming parlor. I gave him a bath with Hypo-Allergenic Puppy & Kitten Shampoo. It's Cleans the dirtiest pets while remaining mild enough for use on puppies. After the bath, I use a 4 F blade to remove half the length of the hair and scissored his legs, belly and shaped his face. He is such a good boy!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dog And Cat Breeders Pet Food Program

Attention: Dog And Cat Breeders

Now You Can Earn An Ongoing Income For The Life Of Your Puppy Or Kitten!

Our simple program gives you a fully functional ecommerce website ($10.95 per month) that you can link to your current Dog or Cat Breed Site and earn commissions and bonuses from every sale of Life's Abundance Dog Food, Life's Abundance Cat Food, Natural Dog and Cat Treats, Supplements and Pet Care Products! Your customers purchase direct from your site and Life's Abundance ships them their pet food - No Inventory, No Paperwork, No Worries.

Life's Abundance Offers The Following Special Programs:

Dog Breeder Program

Cat Breeder Program

In order to participate in these programs you must either become a Field Representative of Life's Abundance. As a Life's Abundance Field Rep you also have access to Dr. Jane Bicks, Life's Abundance product formulator. This means if you or your customers have questions regarding any of her products you speak with her directly! What other pet food manufacturers let you speak with their formulator?

These programs enable you to purchase 40 pound bags of Life's Abundance Dog Food for around $41.00 and 40 pound bags of cat food for around $57.00

You can Participate In This Awesome Life's Abundance Breeder Program by:

1. Joining Life's Abundance As a Field Rep or Executive Field Rep

Click Here To Register Online

2. After you join, you will be able to log into your back office and complete the dog or cat breeder program form and fax it into the company. Once Life's Abundance receives your dog breeder or cat breeder form you can call them to place your order direct! Please note - since these are reduced prices you can not place your order on the internet.

Why recommend Iams, Science Diet, Eukanuba or Purina for the life of your puppy or kitten and they receive an ongoing check from your recommendation? Now you can feed your cat or dog premium pet food and earn a residual income for the life of that puppy or kitten. The best part is you receive a "check back" on your own orders!

The scoop About most Pet Foods.

Although you may think all pet food manufacturers have your pet’s best interests in mind, this is not always the case. Current pet food regulations allow manufacturers to use ingredients that you would never knowingly give to your pet. In fact, you may be shocked to learn what some brands of pet food really contain. For example: the use of by-products (feet, bones and intestines, etc.), chemical preservatives (BHA and BHT) and grains that are often difficult to digest (corn, wheat, gluten and soy), which are often used as a protein source instead of meat.

Watch Our Life's Abundance Video On Pet Food

If you are interested in the Life's Abundance Dog or Cat Breeder program please contact us!

These breeders bags are NOT FOR RESALE and can only be used to feed your kennel animals.

Click Here To View All Of Life Abundance Products For People, Pets & The Planet

If you want to feed your pet the very best and get paid for doing so please take a look at our Life's Abundance Referral Program. We pay you to tell other people about Life's Abundance and you could get your own pet products free!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Special Program For Groomers

Groomers Have A Special Mission
Being a Groomer is a special mission. You are the master of shaping, clipping, cleaning, are beautifying our pets. And whether you realize it or not, you play a vital role in their health. You may be the first to detect ear problems, skin allergies, or even tumors. Groomers certainly play a vital role in properly caring for our pets. But with the rewards also come challenges.

Business Challenges
Some of these challenges are financial - not enough clients, not enough time in the day, costly overhead, etc. Let's face it, this is a business, and you can't do what you love to do without meeting the bottom line - money!
We know that you work hard to build a client base and create loyal customers. You provide top notch service to keep them coming back again and again and you can proudly say, "That is MY customer". Our program creates a way for you to keep more of your business instead of losing it to your competitor.

How? Through the one single area that all of your pet clients have in common - they all eat. In fact, 98% of all pets eat commercial pet foods that are bought from the local pet store, and that is draining money away from your business. Did you know that the average pet owner spends about $300 per year on pet food and treats? Those are YOUR customers. But until now, there was not much you could do to prevent this from happening.

Some of the challenges are physical - sore feet, bad back, weak knees, and even finding good help.

The most obvious challenge, however, is the lack of recurring income. What will happen to your income the day you stop grooming?

A Special Program For Groomers
Introducing the 'Perfect Income Ad On' for Groomers! With no inventory and no extra work on your part, you can now refer your clients to the nations top Natural pet food, treats, supplements, and skin care products and be compensated for life. That's right. Keep the money that you deserve. Through our unique selling system, we are revolutionizing Grooming businesses all across the country.

Here's How It Works

•Recommend Life's Abundance pet products to your clients - requires no inventory
•Your client places their order via your provided website or by our toll free order line
•The products are delivered fresh to your clients door on autoshipment
•You are paid for life

I love this and I know you will also. Check out more info HERE

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Porky Puffs

Dog toys

Dog toys and the boys who play with them.

What do dogs do when they are afraid?

Dogs are sometimes afraid of things like thunderstorms. Here is what Bosco does.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Benefits Of Becoming An Executive Field Rep

Does this sound great to you like it did for me?
Log onto and go to Rep Sign Up

Your contact is Danial Colicchio 440-259-1035

Monday, April 18, 2011

Feline Hyperthyroidism

Dog Bathing Tips

If you like to give your pet a bath instead of sending them off to the groomer, you're not alone. Lot's of pet owners say that it's a great bonding experience, not to mention, it saves them money. Bathing your pet even gives you the chance to check for any physical problems while giving them that 'super soaker'. But are you doing things correctly? Would you like a few pointers? Ok then, test your bathing skills using these tips to see if there is anything you need to do differently. BATHING TIPS

  • 1. Never wash your dog outside if the weather is cold. This is particularly true for puppies as they have trouble regulating their body temperatures. Be sure your new puppy is at least four weeks old before they receive their first bath.

  • 2. Before starting an indoor bath, make sure the house is warm. Turn up the thermostat a few degrees. Have everything ready ahead of time - shampoo, towels, (maybe a change of clothes for you), and even treats for a reward.

  • 3. Start combing and brushing out all mats. Otherwise, the water will turn the mats into solid masses, which will require clippers to remove. If your dog's hair is matted with paint, tar or some other sticky material, trim with clippers or soak the area with vegetable or mineral oil for 24 hours.

  • 4. Prep your dog. Put a drop of mineral oil in the eyes to protect them from suds. Some people use cotton balls in the ears. If you use cotton balls, make sure they're the right size for your dog's ears; if they're too small, they may slip down the ear canal. Also check the ears for any redness or other abnormalities.

  • 5. Bathe your dog as quickly as possible. Be thorough and do a good cleaning, but whether you're using the tub or the shower get him in and out as soon as possible. Dry your dog immediately and as quickly as possible. Use a lots of big soft towels, or a hair dryer set to a low setting. NEVER allow a wet dog to go outdoors in the winter.

Finally, it does matter what kind of shampoo you use. Never use a human shampoo as it is not PH balanced for your pet. Instead, consider using a pet shampoo that is all natural, and soothing to the skin like Dr. Jane's Revitalizing Shampoo. You can learn more about Dr. Jane's shampoo by clicking here: For Dogs For Cats

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cost of any pet food by using our Kcal Calculator

Calculator Instructions 1. Grab your brand of food 2. Enter the price of the food Click Update 3. Enter weight (lbs) of your food Click Update 4. Locate the Kcal/kg and Kcal/cup and enter into calculator Click Update 5. Enter your pets weight Click Update 6. Enter recommended cups (feeding amount) Click Update All amounts are set to 1 and will need to be changed for accurate results. Calculator Explained We have discovered an amazingly accurate way to calculate the cost of any pet food by using the KCal calculation method. For example, if you know a kibble contains 1,683 kcal per pound and 365 kcal per cup, you can easily deduct that a 40 pound bag of kibble contains 40 x 1,683 kcal = 67,320 kcal. If you divide that by the amount of kcal per cup, you get the amount of cups in a bag: 67,320 kcal/365 = 184.4. Once you have these numbers, you can then get an accurate feeding cost per day and per month using each brand's feeding chart and cost per bag. Click Here to go to Calculator under the TOOLS tab... Remember to use to order your pet food.

Who Makes Your Pet Food?

Who Makes Your Pet Food? You might be surprised to learn who is in the Pet Food Business today. The same companies that make many of your household items like toothpaste, potato chips, laundry detergent, and more, are also making the majority of pet foods in the commercial marketplace. Here is a small list for you to be aware of... •Proctor and Gamble - Iams and Eukanuba •Colgate/Palmolive - Science Diet •Del Monte - Gravy Train, Natures Recipe, Kibbles and Bits •Diamond - Kirkland, Chicken Soup, Nutra Gold •Nestle - Purina products •Mars - Royal Canin, Pedigree, Sensible Choice and more Although there is nothing particularly wrong with the fact that these large companies are now in the pet food business, the real consideration is whether or not you choose to purchase your pet's food from a company whose primary focus is NOT pet food vs. a company whose primary focus IS pet food. The question simply boils down to, who do you trust to feed your pet? I only trust Life's Abundance Pet Products found at

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pet Groomers making money

Pet Groomers making it big with Life's Abundance Are you hoping you can groom dogs for the rest of your life? I always hoped I would stay healthy to work until I retire. Wait... RETIRE - what am I saying. With gas prices, food, clothes, medicines and everything else going up up up, who can RETIRE. Well maybe you can. And here's how. The 20% Retail Bonus Bonanza! It gives us great pleasure to announce a very special promotion called the 20% Retail Bonus Bonanza. This promotion incentivizes recruiting and, therefore, encourages Field Reps in your downline to build their businesses much faster than usual. Here’s how the 20% Retail Bonus Bonanza will work … Enrollment Period: The enrollment period begins on April 1, 2011 and lasts through June 30, 2011. Eligibility Period: Field Reps are eligible to participate in this promotion the month they sign up during the enrollment period and the next three months following their sign-up. Criteria: A Field Rep must meet the following two criteria to qualify for the 20% Retail Bonus in a given month: (1) be an Executive Field Rep and (2) have at least $50.00 in Personal Sales. In an effort to help you better understand this promotion, we provided three different scenarios: Scenario #1: A recruit signs up as an Executive Field Rep on April 7th. This Field Rep is eligible for the 20% Retail Bonus for the remainder of the month of April, as well as all of May, June and July. After July 31st, the Retail Bonus reverts to the standard amount. Scenario #2: A recruit signs up as a basic Field Rep on April 7th, and then upgrades to Executive Field Rep status on June 7th. This Field Rep is eligible for the 20% Retail Bonus for the remainder of the month of June and all of July. After July 31st, the Retail Bonus reverts to the standard amount. Scenario #3: A recruit signs up as an Executive Field Rep on June 20th. This Field Rep is eligible for the 20% Retail Bonus for the remainder of the month of June, as well as all of July, August and September. After September 30th, the Retail Bonus reverts to the standard amount. Of course, it is to your advantage to work with the Reps in your organization to achieve $750.00 or more in Personal Sales, so they never have to go below the 20% Retail Bonus level. Finally, because we do not want you to wait until April to sign up new Field Reps, the recruits that you sign up in March are eligible to participate in this promotion in April, May, June and July, as long as they meet the criteria. Actually, this is the same eligibility period if you signed up a Field Rep in April. Here’s why the 20% Retail Bonus Bonanza will be a very effective recruiting program: Incentive: This special promotion can help convince a prospect who’s “on the fence” to join now. Need for Speed: The limited-time enrollment period helps you to convey to recruits a sense of urgency. Mentoring: This promotion provides you the perfect opportunity to mentor new recruits. You can explain the importance of working together to achieve the $750.00 level before the promotion ends. That way, your new Rep will be much less likely to ever revert back to lower levels of the Retail Bonus. Satisfaction: More money in new Field Reps’ pockets not only fosters a great sense of satisfaction, it also encourages them to actively continue building their businesses. Experience: Once a new Field Rep knows how to achieve the 4-Star level, he or she has internalized many of the basics of success. We believe the 20% Retail Bonus Bonanza will prove to be a highly effective recruiting and business-building tool. We encourage you to contact the Field Reps in your downline and convince them to take advantage of this very special offer! LIFE'S ABUNDANCE PET FOOD BUSINESS AT PIPSCHOICE.COM I AM AN INDEPENDANT REP AND CAN HELP YOU START AND CONTINUE TO WORK WITH YOU TO SUCCESS AS A BUSINESS OWNER. YES, WE CAN DO THIS.