Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"The Brother's Poodle"

Today was an exciting day for the boys. They went for a car ride. This is a big deal for Pippin, he loves to ride. It all started back three years ago come November 27Th 2004. You see, that is when he came to live with us. My friend and poodle breeder, Sandy Walter, placed him carefully in his little crate and sent him off from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport in PA. Sandy and I talked on the phone shortly after she left the airport to told me that he will be departing soon from there and then catch the connecting fight from Pittsburgh and then on his way to Cleveland Hopkins Airport. I was so excited to finely be getting my baby poodle after months of waiting. The day soon turned into a nightmare when I received a call from Sandy telling me that little Pip was mistakenly placed somewhere and that the airlines could not find him. Oh, the horror that came over me. How can an airline misplace a puppy? Well, hours and many many tears later from Sandy, me and the girl at the ticket window at Wilkes-Barre, the call we were all wanting for came. "Your little dog is on his way to Charlotte" That's Charlotte North Carolina. What is he doing on a plane heading to NC? The airline assured me that he was going to be put on the next plane back to Cleveland as soon as possible. All I keep thinking about is that poor little puppy. How is he feeling? is he scared? is he hunger? did he mess in his carrier? The airline called me when I was on my cell phone with Sandy so I had one person talking in one ear and another in the other. Sandy was so mad about the situation and she let everyone know it! Hours later we got conformation that he was getting on a fight so I went to the fight tracking website to watch the plane take off. I waited and waited, but it was not leaving. Finley, it was in the air and my phone rang. It was the girl in Charlotte, she told me that the pilot held the plane to see if the carrier would fit in the passage hold because the plane that Pip was on was not heated down below to carry animals. The pilot tried the under the seat thing, but it did not fit then he tried back with the airline attendants but didn't think is was safe enough so he had Pippin taken off the plane. That poor little guy stayed in Charlotte for 6 hours until there was a fight that could carry animals to Cleveland. The time came to pick him up and we all were so happy. At the airport, we sat and waited to finely see that lone little brown carrier with that little white poodle. He was so happy to see us. He must have felt that we were his family. And ya know? he didn't even mess himself. I knew right from that day, that Pippin would be my special little buddy. So, that is the story of Pippin's big adventure. To this day, he loves to go for rides!