Friday, March 20, 2009

Basset Hound grooming

Here is Stubby. She is my friend's dog. Stubby was bathed with a product from Ecopure Naturals. This Herbal Shampoo contains active natural: eucalyptus and that makes for a great smelling Basset. She was also given a Blueberry facial to brighten up her white face. Next, I conditioned her with the FURminator Shed-less conditioner to loosen all the dead shedding hair. Basset Hounds most often have dirty ears and I'm not just talking about inside. The ear leather itself can become soiled from being in water and food. I use a flea comb and comb the underside of the ears to remove the dirt. Miss Stubby has a little problem with her toe nails being touched so I am not able to trim them like I would like too. A year or so ago Stubby became paralyzed from some unknown cause. It was heartbreaking to both her owners and to everyone that knows her. The vet had no answer to solve this problem but having her put down was out of the question. So many people including myself prayed for her healing. As you can see from this picture, our prayers were answered. God is so Good! Stubby is again walking and loving life

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Sue! She walked in the house just like the princess she thinks she is. I really think dogs feel good when they look good. She is so soft and her fur is bright. Thanks so much, Stubby and I appreciate your kind and loving care.