Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dogs and Drinking Water

Today I was reminded just how important is it to make sure your pets are getting enough water. Today here in the Northeast, it was sunny and around 84 degrees. My dogs and I were out enjoying this very warm spring day, they, with their toys and me with my rake. The sun was beating down on all of us. I stopped several times just to get out of the sun and get a drink. The dogs did the same thing. As I walked back to the house I would say to them "let's go get a drink" and they would come running tongues wagging out the side of their mouths.
It is so very important to supple plenty of fresh drinking water for your pet's. Some dogs are left outside and they don't have the luxury of their mom parent to offer water to them, but please make certain that you check outside animal water containers and keep them full.

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