Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tips for a Slimmer Dog Weight-loss

Just like us, overweight pets can experience a multitude of health issues. Likewise, the best methods to keep your pet's weight in check are the same as if we were to shed some extra pounds. Try the following if your animal is hefty - they will greatly benefit from dropping a few extra pounds and in the very small, a few ounces will make a difference.

  • Get daily exercise and/or walks. Exercise helps to burn calories. Fresh air, new experiences and regular activity also contribute to your pet's mental health and that helps in keeping the whole body functioning properly.
  • Feed your pet a healthy diet. Essential nutrition is important if you want a healthy pet and who doesn't? you should feed your pet natural, human grade foods. Enhance their diet with appropriate treats and remember to always have clean, fresh water available at all times.
  • See you veterinarian regularly.

Life's Abundance Weight-Loss Formula

  • With all the healthy ingredients you’ve come to expect from a Life’s Abundance food, formulated specifically for overweight adult dogs
  • Balanced nutrition with fewer calories, less fat and a higher protein content
  • Includes nutrients to support healthy metabolism and a shiny coat More Information on Weight-Loss Formula

Flint River Ranch Senior LITE Adult Canine Formula (can be given to younger dogs for weight loss)

  • The ultimate in Premium Senior nutrition! Special oven-baked formula helps your Senior Dog maintain bone density, strong teeth and vision, good circulation and all around great health.
  • The Senior LITE formula contains one-third less protein and fat than our original kibble formula while maintaining the great taste dogs love. More Information on Lite Formula

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