Thursday, March 2, 2017

Therapy Dog * Pug

Therapy dogs come in all sizes. From the big to the small, these dogs are a cut above the rest. Trained to be the helpers, the companions, the cheer givers and trained to give aid in stressful situations such as disaster areas, these dogs are a true lifeline to many. A good therapy dog must have the characteristics of being gentle, friendly, confident, patient and at ease in all situations. Therapy dogs must enjoy unfamiliar people petting them and handling them. Many are taken to hospitals, nursing homes and other places where people need the joy of a dog. This is a great way to spread the love of giving; for dogs seem to do that the best.

Oprah is a great, loving pug and her mom uses the dental products from to keep her breath smelling fresh and clean for all those pug kisses.  

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