Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Allergies in Dog and How to Help Them

ALLERGIES - that very annoying scratching, itching, biting thing that dogs do.

Much like humans, dogs can suffer from a wide range of allergy issues that appear in the form of itchy skin, diarrhea, respiratory problems and ear infections. Caused by a variety of factors, allergies can be extremely troublesome and distressing. Some sources of allergies include diet, environmental factors, or fleas.

Food allergies are becoming increasingly common as the quality of dog foods on the market declines. Most allergy issues come from two main ingredients common among dog foods: meat by-products, and filler grains such as wheat or corn. Unlike food for humans, the USDA doesn’t inspect or certify beef, lamb, fish, and poultry when it is being used for animals. This results in contaminants and illness causing bacteria in your dog’s food. These contaminants and bacteria can be a cause of allergies, in addition to a common allergic reaction to mycotoxins found in filler ingredients themselves. A great food to try is Life's Abundance.

Dogs suffer from environmental allergies much like humans do. Sources of these allergies can range from pollen, human dander, mold, and mites, to allergic reactions caused by contact with irritants. Dogs often develop contact allergies with common plastics, flea collars, plants, or even grass. These allergies often result in a dog that licks, chews and bites at the skin, paws, face, or other parts of the body.

Occasionally, dogs have allergies caused by fleas. These allergies are easily recognizable and remedied. Flea baths or collars can eliminate the cause of the allergy (the fleas); however, if left untreated these allergies can develop into a more serious problem treatable only with costly vet trips.


Allergies appear as a multitude of symptoms depending upon the dog, and often start out as slight behavioral changes and progress into visible symptoms as the allergies worsen. Changes in behavior may include mood swings, or biting and skittishness in a normally docile dog. Physical symptoms include, but are not limited to, sneezing, watery eyes, fever, low energy, respiratory problems, and excessive itching, biting, or scratching of the skin.


The danger of allergies lies in their nature- an allergic reaction is the body’s immune system fighting against pathogens. If left untreated, allergies are extremely prone to further complications that can be costly and hazardous to your dog’s health. A dog with an otherwise healthy immune system is now left prone to a long list of diseases and infections. Complications from allergies may include open wounds, further infections, and respiratory problems.

Scratching, biting, and chewing are very common among allergy suffering dogs. Often times, they tend to scratch in excess causing open wounds, bleeding, and possible infection. Staphylococcal infections are among the most common, caused by open sores and hot spots that are left to fester. Yeast infections are also common, and typically appear in damper regions such as skin folds, ears, or between the toes.

Respiratory issues are a serious complication of allergies and are due to inhaling dust, pollen, and grasses. Reactions can occur in response to exposure to these irritants, or even tainted food. In turn, these reactions can develop into greater lung problems and sinus illnesses. Constant irritation from allergens can damage air sacs and blood vessels, causing greater strain on lung function and breathing ducts. By treating allergies as soon as possible, serious complications can likely be avoided.


Your dog’s first defense against allergies is a healthy body and immune system maintained by proper exercise and nutrition. A weakened immune system is often the beginning of allergy problems which only becomes worse as they manifest themselves.

Regularly exercising and grooming your dog helps keep their bodies healthy and their coats clean. Proper nutrition consists of giving a high quality dog food and a vitamin supplement; both paramount to your dog’s immune system. Feed your dog food that isn’t filled with grains and “meat by-products”- this will have multiple benefits, including stopping allergies from ever invading the intestinal track where they can burrow in and generate secondary illnesses. But dog food alone isn’t enough- supplementation is a vital component to keeping your dog healthy. Giving a high quality supplement can help boost internal defenses and provide nutrition for blood, bones, and skin.

NuVet Plus®, an all natural supplement made from the finest human grade ingredients, is formulated in an FDA approved laboratory used to produce human pharmaceuticals. The use of this kind of high-tech, superior quality manufacturing facility is unheard of in the pet industry, but NuVet Labs® knows that no greater value can be placed on our beloved four legged members of the family. NuVet Plus® is the safe and fast way to improve your dog’s immune system, and prevent allergies once and for all.


Fundamentally, the first line of any remedy is to ensure your dog has a proper diet and balanced nutrition. Providing good food that is full of quality protein and low on grains, corn, and “meat by-products” will ensure a healthy digestive system and strong immune system. Supplementing your dog’s diet with a vitamin supplement engineered to support vital organs prevents the damaging effects of free radicals. Prevention and treatment of allergies and their symptoms is a key component to restoring your dog’s health.

As with any vitamin and nutritional supplement, the quality of ingredients in combination with the manufacturing process determines how effective it will be for your pet. NuVet Plus® contains quality Calcium and Blue Green Algae, a source of protein and chlorophyll. It also includes a full range of amino acids, such as L Methionine- an essential amino acid that helps to detoxify the blood stream, and shown to help alleviate allergies by reducing histamine, which can cause your dog’s eyes to turn red and watery.

At NuVet Labs®, we combine the finest human-grade ingredients and manufacturing operations approved for human products by the FDA. The end result is the finest supplement for your dog- one that is sure to relieve your dog’s allergy problems; we guarantee it.

NuVet Plus® is 100% guaranteed for purity, safety and effectiveness. As one of the oldest and most respected companies in the pet industry, NuVet Labs® pledges that our NuVet Plus® product will eliminate or dramatically reduce your dog’s allergy symptoms within weeks, or we’ll refund your purchase.
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