Friday, August 13, 2010

Healthy Pet Foods – Say "NO" To Poor Quality Pet Food

Let's think about what we are feeding our pet's. If you are not an educated consumer, chances are you are feeding your companion pet Poor Quality Food. Don't let the names fool you, foods such as Iams, Science Diet, California Naturals are Not the best foods that you can be feeding your dog's and cat's.

Pet foods that are poor in quality typically contain a number of filler ingredients, rather than the actual nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your pet needs to be healthy.

There are a wide variety of issues can result from poor quality pet food, including these common issues: heart problems, obesity, behavior issues, lack of energy and markedly reduced life span. Did you know a dog can live to be 25-30 years old?

As a groomer, I see dogs with many health problems and I watch as dog's health deteriorate over time and then they die. Losing a dog that I have groomed for many years is hard and very sad.

One of the reasons for these issues is the fact that POOR quality pet food provides bulk but not necessarily nutrition.
This creates a void of the nutrients that they do need to maintain their healthy.

If we think about how we eat this could be the equivalent of eating junk food or fast food every single day.
People that make their diet of junk food or fast food are frequently overweight, suffer from heart problems, joint and muscle problems, diabetes and experience mood swings. The same can be said of a dog that does not receive adequate dog nutrition through their pet food. Label reading is vital for both humans and pet feeding.

The Shocking news of PET FOODS RECALLS - not just of low end brands but now names we all know and trust. Pet foods that are always advertised or those that are popular aren’t always the best choice.

In a recent pet food recall, Iams Veterinary Dry Formulas,Eukanuba Naturally Wild, Eukanuba Pure, Eukanuba Custom Care Sensitive Skin have shocked most pet owners. These are foods that their veterinarian said they should be feeding. What? Do they read the ingredients, do they know how and where the foods are coming from? The answer to that is No. They have no clue and in fact I don't know either. I called and spoke with a pet food company and ask where their pet food is made and they would NOT tell me. Do I want to feed a food to my beloved dogs that the makers are keeping secrets about? NO way!

It should certainly seem as though a pet owner should be able to trust the name brands they find on their pet store shelves, but as we have seen and heard that is not always the case.

Even some of the most expensive brands pet “healthy” pet foods that are frequently advertised on TV, dog magazines and other ads were found to be completely unsafe and were eventually pulled off the shelves.

This would certainly seem to indicate that price cannot always be a good gauge of quality, and particularly of quality control.
The premium pet foods cost around $1.75- $2.50 per pound on average, so you think you are getting the best.

Which leads to the end of my rant. What if I told you that the food and treats and supplements and skin care I use on my own dogs are the safest, best quality, inspected and made in human-grade facilities and are made fresh and shipped within 6 weeks to your door and you can trust it because we have never been recalled!
Would you want to buy these products?
Now of course you would right? OK, here's how. Simple go the and order. I guarantee you will not be unhappy and you will feel good about your self knowing you are giving the best to your pets.

Thank You for taking the time to learn and make a change for the better. When it comes to making the right choice make it Pips Choice - Life's Abundance abounds!!!

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