Monday, July 11, 2011

Why is Life's Abundance better?

So much better.
Products are time tested and proven.
13 year track record.
Stood the test of time.
Our products are stellar.
Our product is the oppertunity. People want to hear about our products.
20 times more people want to buy our products then there are distributor's.
Pets go for our food over their normal kibble.
We have home delivered pet food. People love that.
Products are in demand.
Our supplements are made in human pharmaceutical lab.
Our treats are made in a human bakery.
Foods in our price range don't match quality.
We do not have any competition.
Our products are better because we have Dr. Jane Bicks.
If you want to work from home and do a side business, this is a business you can do at a low start up cost.
Our business is superior - ease of engagement. See someone with pet.. What a cute little dog! the reason I stopped is I'm in the pet business. I'm in the pet nutrition business. What do you feed your pet? I would like to give you a sample to see how Fluffy likes it...
We trip over customers all the time...
These are just a few elements that we have as an oppertunity -

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