Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A dog supplement that changed two lives forever

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What do you do when the vet tells you that your best friend is at the end of his time, there is nothing they can do for him?? How do you cope when you loose that best friend?

I recently was faced with the above situations. The best friend was my Weimaraner Harley. As his breeder/owner, he started off on a different journey. I sold him at 8 weeks to a family that have had weimaraners before. He was only gone 2 months when I received the call that they had to give him up. He was too destructive and barked non stop. Ok, home he came. I found another home for him about 3 weeks later, a lovely couple that had never had weims, but had a German shorthair. Ok, if they could live with the activity level of a shorthair a Weimaraner would be fine. WRONG!!! Harley was a very ill behaved dog, so home he came again! What really surprised me is how well behaved he was at my house! My husband and I discussed it and decided that he was here to stay, just a bad penny that kept coming back home.

I showed Harley to his AKC championship and had some fun with him in the obedience ring. He was wonderful with our daughter and they spent much time in the swimming pool all summer. He would alert us if there was something amiss in the area that we should know about, but all in all was quite content to sit at my feet.

The true reason that Harley came back home was to surface in about one year. I was having some issues with my left breast. I went to the doctor and was assured that all was fine. Harley kept bumping my left breast with his nose, and then he would whine. I went for another opinion, but was told the same thing. The dog kept up his behavior. I finally saw a surgeon who was inclined to go in and see what it was that upset the dog so much. Alas, I had breast cancer!! The type was different than most (does not show up on most mammograms) and quite aggressive. Harley saved my life!!!

After surgery, the bond was even tighter – to the point that I referred to him as my son! He went most everywhere with me and we planned our family vacations around where the dogs could go with us. Harley slept in the bed, most of the time under the sheets. Talk about spoiled!!

When Harley was 13 he started having trouble with his rear legs. He would fall, and or have trouble getting up. The vet said that he had severe arthritis and all they could do is give him Remidal. The side effects of Reimdal were awful. Yes, it relieved the pain, but he then started with stomach issues and internal bleeding. Obviously the Remidal was not the treatment of choice. I started my research and found a supplement that was amazing. NuVet Plus. I immediately started him on the supplement and could not believe what I saw. He was up walking around again, able to jump on the bed and run in the back yard. His coat improved as did his appetite. When I took him to the vet 6 months later they could not believe their eyes and when he was examined they found his cataracts were gone!!! All of this from a supplement? The vet was in awe and I was thankful.

Now here is an easy way to learn more about NuVet Plus and Order some for your pet.  This can very well save a life.

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