Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Discover The "Next Generation" Dog Breeder Program

Since 1998, one company has been paying breeders FOR LIFE on every sale they make - instead of paying the big chain stores.

It's Time You Get What You Deserve!

Life's Abundance was started by Holistic Veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks, with two distinct goals in mind.

First, to by-pass the BIG commercial chain stores and sell direct to the public in order to deliver a fresher, safer, and more nutritious product.

Second, to share the profits with the caring men and women who work with pets every day rather than the BIG commercial chain stores.

IMAGINE where you could be financially if you were able to collect just $1 from every bag of pet food you've ever recommended over and over again for the life of that customer? That could be HUGE money for you, especially if you've been in business for a while.

Now IMAGINE - instead of just $1, you could earn about $20 extra from every first time order and about $5 - $8 on every repeat order for the life of that pet! It could bring in enough money to pay for all of your pet food, help you pay your bills, or become a retirement program.

Welcome To A Revolutionary New Pet Company and Breeder Program

started by pet lovers just like you.

Since 1998, Life's Abundance has been offering a superior breeder program, with superior products, and a superior pay plan. Breeders simply recommend these natural products and get paid FOR LIFE on every sale.

STOP losing money with outdated breeder programs, and start making the money you deserve with literally no need for inventory and no extra work

Just do what you've always done. Recommend the best pet food to your clients (or any other pet owner), only now you will get paid for every purchase they make!

Don't Let Pet Food Makers Capitalize On Your Good Name For Free

Have you ever heard the commercials that say, "Recommended by top breeders"?

Big pet food manufacturers are capitalizing on your referrals and gaining LIFETIME customers while

You Get NOTHING. If that's fine with you, then okay. If that bothers you, then continue reading.

Here's The Typical Breeder Program

How Does The Life's Abundance Program Work?

1. Recommend Life's Abundance pet products to your clients - requires no inventory

2. Your client's place their order using your replicated website or by our toll free order line

3. The products are delivered fresh to your clients door within 3 business days

4. You are paid for life...It's That Simple!

The Income Sounds Great, But What Does It Cost To Feed Life's Abundance?

This is one of the most exciting aspects of our program. Breeders can feed a high quality food like Life's Abundance for FREE using the money they earn from the lucrative commission program.

Your customers will also love the fact that we are priced below other foods found in the "premium pet food" section of their local pet store. Our dog food is about $1.56 per lb. and our nutrient dense kibble requires less amounts to feed. (In fact Dr. Bicks has packed about 92 ingredients into each nugget of food!)

The right way to determine the cost of any food is to compare the feeding costs per day. Here are some examples...

- The cost to feed Life's Abundance to a 20lb dog is only .54 cents per day

- The cost to feed Life's Abundance to a 40lb dog is only .75 cents per day

- The cost to feed Life's Abundance to a 60lb dog is only $1.07 per day

- The cost to feed Life's Abundance to a 80lb dog is only $1.27 per day

CLICK HERE to use our pet food calculator to see just how affordable good nutrition can be.

As you can see, your clients can easily afford the superior quality of a food like Life's Abundance for less than they could afford to feed themselves or any of their family members per day.

There Are Two Reasons You Need To Start This Program

FIRST - Your clients need a high quality, healthy, product to feed their dogs throughout their lifetimes.

We're saddened to see so many breeders who don't strongly recommend the right food to their clients and instead allow them to buy whatever they want. It's simply too dangerous and irresponsible to recommend just any pet food brand out there given the rash of recalls and companies changing ownership constantly.

Your clients trust you and they deserve to be told what is the safest and best food to buy.

Plus, all breeders need to feed the best themselves. The biggest reason we find that breeders don't feed the best (quite honestly) is money! Which leads us to the next point.


Many breeders are faced with the dilema of compromising on food quality because they don't have the money to afford something better. They simply don't have the resources to buy what they know is best, so they settle for "okay" instead.

But what if we could show you how to wipe out your food bill through A REAL Breeder Program? A program that pays you every time your client buys what you recommend. You could then use the money for better food, to pay bills, or whatever.

Since our beginning in 1998, we have helped hundreds of breeders succeed financially with this program. It has not only transformed their breeding business, but also their personal lives as a result of the recurring monthly income.

Our philosophy is simple, give the profits to the people who deserve it most - YOU!

Schedule Some Time With Us Right Away

Since the launch of this website we have been flooded with excited breeders wanting to join and we are getting to each person as fast as we can.


Susan Potts
National Field Rep
Life's Abundance

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