Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Mangy Dog - Mange - how to treat it?

What is Mange and how to treat it??

Mange is a medical condition that comes in two types.

The first one we will examine is called: Demodectic Mange caused by the demodex mites. These are little cigar-shaped mites which are fairly common in young dogs. The symptoms are mild but never the less irritating to all.  Thinning hair especially around the eyes and face is paired with a mild itchiness.  Dogs can catch this form of mange from other dogs that they come in contact with.  This type of mange is Not contagious to humans, so don't panic.

The other type is called: Sarcoptic Mange which is extremely itchy.  This type is also known as scabies which is caused by the mite laying eggs underneath the skin’s surface.  Dogs will sometimes scratch their skin raw.  The name Red mange refers to this type.  Dogs that are outdoors in areas that wildlife roam can catch sarcoptic mange by rolling in the carcaee of an animal that had it.  Unlike the demodectic mange, sarcoptic mange is contagious to people - the condition called Scabies.

The symptoms to look for include: scratching, biting and digging of skin due to irritation from mite infestations. Hair loss and redness often occur, in addition to oozing of the skin caused by mites clogging hair follicles. Sometimes a crusty texture on the skin can develop. More severe symptoms include weight loss and foul odor.

Your dog’s first defense against mange is a healthy immune system, which is achieved by providing your dog with the best combination of vitamins, mineral and essential enzymes on the market – The fundamentals to any treatment are proper diet and balanced nutrition.  A supplement that I love to use with my own dogs is NuVet Plus

When given NuVet Plus on a daily basis, you are ensuring that your dog’s health is in optimal condition and that their immune system is prepared to fend off ailments like mange. These supplements are recommended by thousands of top breeders and veterinarians.   NuVet Plus can wipe away a lifetime’s worth of damage from canine mange in just weeks, and keep your pet healthy and protected against mites and parasites – for the rest of their lives. 
NuVet Plus supplements are loaded with the necessary amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes to help protect your pet’s body from the ravages of free radicals and keep the bloodstream clear of contaminants. They contain quality Calcium and Blue Green Algae, which is a source of protein and chlorophyll. It also includes a full range of amino acids, such as L Methionine, which is essential to help detoxify the blood stream. Keeping the bloodstream clean allows for red blood cells to carry nutrients essential in defending against infections, including those that can result from mange.
Picture of Demodectic Mange
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