Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dog Dies from Rabies in Summit County Ohio Lake County Health Dept.

Dog Dies from Rabies in Summit County
This posted by a local vets office
Recently we received notice from Lake County Health District that a dog from Summit County was diagnosed with and died from the raccoon strain of Rabies. Until now, Summit County has not had a case of Rabies except in bats.

As reported to us, two Siberian Huskies had the run of a 5 acre property. The dogs had a habit of frequently killing raccoons and groundhogs. The animals were vaccinated when they were young, but never received further vaccinations against Rabies. One of the dogs was reported to have a bite wound and became ill several days later. It did receive veterinary treatment, but later died. The dog was sent for rabies testing and was found to be positive.

The surviving dog was confined to a strict 6- month isolation for observation for the onset of rabies symptoms. The dog and the uninvolved cats were also immediately vaccinated. Reportedly, the family and six members of the veterinary staff began post exposure rabies prophylaxis.

The raccoon strain of rabies is endemic in northeast Ohio and this strain of rabies may infect almost any wild mammal, domestic pet, or livestock. This year alone, Lake County has had 8 reported cases of raccoon strain rabies in skunks. Proper rabies vaccination of our pets and livestock not only prevents their exposure to rabies but is an effective barrier between humans and the fatal virus. A copy of the most recent Lake County news release regarding rabies in skunks can be found at the Lake County General Health District web site @

Please make sure all your pets are current on their Rabies vaccine.

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