Monday, January 21, 2013

New Large Breed Puppy Food

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Large breed dogs are special in their own right.  There is nothing more cute than a roly poly puppy.  So here are some questions about what is considered a large breed? how long to feed it? and what is it's cost?  Be sure to check out the Dog Food Calculator  Look for it on the left hand side half way down the page.

1. Which dogs are considered large breed? Some experts believe that all dogs who reach at least 70 lbs as an adult are large breeds. But as a rule of thumb, Dr. Jane prefers that any dog who will reach 50lbs or above be placed into this category.
We actually have a pet food calculator on our websites that will display many large breed dogs once you select the large breed puppy food from the list of foods.
2. How long will I need to feed this food to my large breed puppy? Well most large breeds continue to grow and mature for up to 2 years of age. Some osteopaths feel that large breeds continue developing well into 3 years of age. The best thing to do if you’re unsure is to consult with an expert about your particular breed, like your vet, a breeder, or a reference book about your particular breed.
3. Can I still safely feed the All Stage Life’s Abundance food to my large breed puppy? The simple answer is yes, we’ve already been doing this for years. But, if your particular large breed puppy is prone to development issues like hip dysplasia, you should absolutely feed this special diet. After all, Dr. Bicks wouldn’t have made it if she didn’t feel it was important!
4. How much is this going to cost me? The difference in price between the Life’s Abundance All Stage formula and the new Large Breed Puppy food is only about .45 per pound and even less once you factor in the actual serving cost. The price per pound of the Large Breed Puppy is about $2.05 per pound (depending which size bag you buy), which is still well below what most premium “adult diets” are in the store.

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