Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Best Defense for Flea Prevention

Proper flea control must be directed at three seperate areas.  The indoor environment, the outdoor environment and the dog himself. 

Most of the flea life cycle happens in the house and yard and not the dog's hair and skin.  If the house and yard are not treated, the flea problem will never go away no matter how hard you try.  Years ago I was sitting  outside on the sidewalk enjoying the sunny day when all of a sudden a flea jumped on my arm.  My dogs were playing in the yard and I wondered where the flea was from.  As I sat there I could see them in the grass as they were moving in for the bite.  I was horrifid, I have fleas I screamed.  Now my dogs had been scratching a little bit but I didn't think they had fleas.  I had some spray I use in the grooming shop so I treated the area with that until I could get Diatomaceous earth also known as D.E from the store.  You just sprinkle the areas in the yard where fleas congregate.

You can safely use the food grade DE in the house as well. Use on carpeting, pet bedding, blankets, pillows, toys.  Wash all your floors, by mopping with hot water and citrus oil available at home and garden centers. Village Harb Shop

Next your dog should be bathed in an organic shampoo that contains neem and lemongrass.  Apply to coat and let sit for 10 minuates before rinsing.
Rebathe in one week and repeat every week until gone.

Healthy, well groomed dogs rarely get fleas and if they do, fleas normally don't stay on your pet.  To give your dog the added protection he or she needs, I recommend a great food and the number one supplement for pets.

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