Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why Egg is so good for your dog

A egg a day keeps the vet away.  Whether you feed you dog an egg or not, look for a food such as Life's Abundance to contain the health benefits of the incredible edible egg.

In terms of "bio availability", egg is considered the "golden standard" of proteins in terms of digestibility.
Protein Digestibility List
(Note: Values in table are approximate, as they have been taken from several nutrition sources and personal communications with nutrition experts.)
Egg whites 1.00
Muscle meats (chicken, beef, lamb) 0.92
Organ meats (kidney, liver, heart) 0.90
Milk, cheese 0.89
Fish 0.75
Soy 0.75Rice 0.72
Oats 0.66
Yeast 0.63
Wheat 0.60
Corn 0.54

Buy a cheap dog food and you will be feeding your dog cheap ingredients. Cheap ingredients are less efficiently digested, there's more fecal waste production, and the dog won't be as healthy as when fed higher quality (meat-based) dog food. 
Here is the right choice to feed!

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