Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pet Home Based Business

The Opportunity To Work From Home!
Pet product sales is a 50 billion dollar industry. Pet stores are opening up everywhere. Ever heard of the expression, "right place, right time?" We are setting a new trend with the massive internet market.PLUS, there is a heightened awareness like never before regarding pet food safety after the many recalls which have killed pets. 
In the United States, over 21 million people enjoy the benefits of working from home. No set time to start or end work, no commute, no dress code, and no one watching over you all day.  Plus, there is almost no overhead normally associated with opening a traditional business. Home based businesses are the fastest growing economic sector in the U.S.
I hope these reasons make as much sense to you as they do to me.  Running this kind of business has been an awesome experience for me, and I love being my own boss.  If this all makes sense to you, let's talk. I can be reached by email to 

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