Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Autumn From Spotts Grooming

Happy Autumn From Spotts Grooming!

The end of summer, such a sad thing, but I welcome Autumn for many reasons.  First, I love the cooler temperatures and so do many pets.  My dogs love the change, it seems to bring on extra energy.  I help them with bone and joint supplementation by giving them NuJoint Plus to ensure they protect their bones and joints as they run and play in the fields.    

Second reason I welcome Autumn is I love the smells.  Spotts Grooming offers essential oils that you can purchase by calling me at 440-254-3606  or email at  Let me help you make the right decision for the smells you enjoy.

Third reason I welcome autumn is it brings on the start of all the holidays I really enjoy.  Make your plans for grooming now so as to not be turned away due to unavailability.  Book Grooming Appointment Now!  

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