Monday, May 19, 2008

Flint River Ranch DryWater Dog Food

Flint River Ranch DryWater Dog Food
Why is DryWater so Healthy & Superior?
REAL CHICKEN, NO by-products or parts of the chicken that our precious pets should ever eat.
All-Natural Ingredients: Vegetables, Rice and Grains, Healing Herbs, Flax, etc.
Vitamins & Chelated Minerals "Live" enzymes (Probiotics) Recommended by Veterinarians Approved by Nutritionists
Lower Cost Per Feeding
Instant Fresh and Warm Meals
No Wasted Food No Smelly Cans
Healthy Benefits No Chemical Preservatives Highest Quality Ingredients Canned Food is 75-82% water. With DryWater, you don't pay a high cost for plain water with no nutritional value!
A 14 oz can of dog food, made with 80% water, has only 20% solid food or 2.8 oz of food per can. DryWater has 48 oz of food. A one cup serving size of 3.2 oz is equal to 15 - 14 oz or 30 - 7 oz cans.
To Serve: Scoop the desired amount of DryWater food into your dog's bowl. Add enough hot water (bottled or tap) to just cover the food. Stir briefly to blend - allow 2 minutes to create a warm, light, and natural meaty gravy consistency. DryWater is a 100% complete and fully balanced meal. Serve as a single complete hot meal or combine and serve over Flint River Ranch Oven-baked dry Dog Food.


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