Friday, October 8, 2010

NuVet formula & dosage usage (supplements for pets)

NuVet Plus is available in 2 different ways for dogs and 1 formula for cats
1. Canine Wafer For Dogs, (most popular formula) - round tablet the size of a quarter given daily as a treat. Can be easily broken into smaller size.
2. Canine Powder For Dogs, (for picky dogs, with an extra amount Chicken Liver for that yummy taste - sprinkle on wet or dry food.
3. Feline Powder for Cats, no need to add water to powder, just sprinkle on wet or dry cat food.


Standard dosage for dogs and cats:
Under 5 lbs – use half a serving (1/2 a wafer) per day;
5 lbs to 110 lbs – use 1 serving (1 whole wafer) per day;
Over 110 lbs – use two servings (2 wafers) per day;
For severe problems, double the dosage for the first 1-2 weeks (one in the morning and one at night) –– and then, when you see an improvement in your pet's condition, reduce down to the standard daily dosage.
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