Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Short Hair Cut on a Westie - West Highland Terrier

This is a nice, easy to care for springtime clip on a Westie. Meet Kalpie, she enjoys playing in the yard and swimming in a nearby creek. Short hair styles are convenient for people with active dogs. Just into the tub, rinse that creek water and grass clippings off, towel dry and away she goes.


Natalie said...

What a cute trim on an adorable dog! Hey have you heard of It has a lot of good information on grooming in general and also has a forum, that have a lot of experienced, knowledgeable members who you can learn a lot from! I'm a member there, my username is green_dog. I'm not a groomer, I just groom my Spoo and a couple of friends' dogs. You should check it out!

spotts said...

Yes, I have been part of that for years. I do love that group, however I have not been on it in so long that when I recently went there, I needed to register again. I also am part of The Groomer Lounge my username there is luvpuppyo. Check it out.