Friday, June 26, 2009

What every groomer wishes their clients would do....

If you take your pet to a professional groomer, like many people do, you might think that is all it takes to keep your dog's coat in great condition. Well, the work of a groomer can in fact make your dog look fabulous, however, maintaining that desired look takes the work of weekly or even daily brushing at home. Yes, brushing and combing your pet's hair will help keep it from matting up. So many people want the breed standard style but get their dog back with a much shorter coat. The reason for this is very simple, the hair mats, the dog hurts, the groomer clips. I for one, will not de-mat a badly cared for coat. This is hard on the dog and hard for me. I want the dog to enjoy his stay with me, not be traumatized by long hours of brushing, hair splitting, and yes, pulling. It's just not nice. With home grooming between visits this makes the whole going to the professional groomer thing less stressful, shorter stay, easier, and less expensive. Even if you want the shortest hair cut possable, don't wait till the dog becomes so matted that it effects the heath and well being of your dog. This can lead to skin problems, foot and nail problems and ear and eye infections caused by dirty, nasty hair.

Another important thing to remember is to check for fleas. The last thing a grooming shop wants is a badly flea infested dog. This is something people don't think about. Would you want your pest free pooch going to a salon with a flea outbreak? Would you want your pup to pick up a few to bring home? No, of course not, however sometimes a few fleas is unavoidable and getting your dogs in at the first sign is necessary. Apply a monthly treatment of your dog's pest-control to avoid getting the bugs, which in turn keeps your grooming cost down.

We as groomers, love what we do, but when we have the hard job of dematting and defleaing a dog it's can take a toll on our bodies and spirts. Help keep your groomer happy, do some grooming at home.

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