Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Agility for dogs

Dogs that are involved in agility need to be on these daily formula. Why? because this is what it protects.

Agility is a daily formula to help:

•Maintain healthy joint cartilage
•Maintain healthy connective tissue health
•Maintain production of healthy synovial fluid
Highlights of the nutrients contained in Agility:

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a natural source of organic sulfur. Sulfur is important for the maintenance of healthy joints, bones, ligaments and tendons.

Glucosamine helps promote joint flexibility and mobility.

Alfalfa and Yucca are antioxidant rich herbs that offer a strong defense against free radical damage, helping to maintain joint comfort and flexibility.

Boswellia, Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids help maintain healthy joint function and support joint comfort.

Sea Mussels The natural nutritional components in sea mussels help to support healthy joint structure and function, as well as help enhance the action of Glucosamine.

What some are saying about Agility -

Hip Dysplasia
I live in Salisbury, MD where I take my three year old Kerry Blue Terrier to Cathies Groomer's for his monthly spa day. It was Cathies Groomer's who told about Agility. Kellen Blu has HD and has had it since early puppyhood at two years of age he was xrayed and we were told his left hip was at 75% and his right 45% HD. We had him on other supplement's for his hips but the yelping and pain kept getting worse. He has been on Agility for two months ... He has more mobility in his hips and less (discomfort). I am very impressed with your product and intend to spread the word … Many thanks from our family to yours. I would enclose a photo of Kellen Blu but not sure if you can receive it.

Michael said:
Back to Normal Again
I started to feed all 7 of my dogs your food and my oldest Shih Tzu was given your hip/joint supplement at the same time. His name is Harley he's 4 years old and experienced some tenderness in his rear left leg. He was not able to run in the yard with my other dogs which got him depressed. After approximately two months of eating your food and taking the supplements he's almost back to 100%. It's also made a difference in all my other sweet little babies who are extremely happy and very energetic.

Agility really works!
A customer of ours has a golden which had a hard time getting up the stairs. After only one week of taking Agility Clancy was able to climb the stairs and run around the yard. Agility is a must for older dogs!

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