Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Holistic Cat Food

The Evolution of the House Cat
Cats are unique in so many ways. It all started millions of years ago during their development. All cats, big and small, have common characteristics. Most cats purr, they don’t particularly like water and they love to run after their prey. All cats, big and small, are meat eaters. They are classified as obligate or true carnivores, which means their diet must consist of almost all meat to satisfy their specific and unique nutritional requirements. Their ancestors were desert animals, so they got most of their moisture or water from their prey. As a result, most modern cats lack the desire to drink water.

In Truth, Our Sweet House Cats are More Like Little Lions
That’s why Dr. Jane Bicks formulated Instinctive Choice. Instinctive Choice Premium Canned Food is formulated to provide your cat with a meal that is similar in nutrition and moisture to how a feline would feed in the wild. Modern science has proven that "nature knows best" when it comes to what your cat needs to thrive.
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Why should you choose Instinctive Choice for your cat? Instinctive Choice Premium Canned Food is specially formulated to feed along with Life's Abundance Premium Dry Food, so your cat can get the benefits of both canned and dry foods. It’s not only what is in Instinctive Choice that makes it the ultimate canned cat food, it is what’s not in Instinctive Choice.

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