Monday, March 21, 2011

Lisa & Jeff Larson Life's Abundance Pet reps helping rescue groups make money for their cause

Lisa & Jeff Larson have been Life's Abundance rep for just over 8 months now. They bring to the table their love and compassion for rescue groups. Are you a group that wants to benefit from being a part of a great company that is dedicated to helping pet's live happier, healthier lives? Give them a call 949-291-9063 PST and Lisa or Jeff will be glad to help you.
Click Here for details on becoming a Life's Abundance rep in your area.


mypetzshoponline said...

Nice picture...considering I don't like getting my picture taken.

spotts said...

This is a great picture. Hope you guys are doing well. We sure had a great time on the cruise. Now we can work for the next one.
Tell Jeff we say Hi...