Monday, March 18, 2013

Antler Dog Chews

Flint River Ranch

Get your long lasting antler dog chews

Deer, elk and caribou shed off their antlers in the springtime and that's right now.  To save you the trouble of searching throughout the woods, buy your dog's healthy, safe antler from the company you can trust. 

My Testimony
I first bought these antlers because I was looking for something to keep my dogs busy while my husband and I entertained on Saturday nights.  The dogs wanted to be the center of attention of course.  I ordered the large size and was very happy to read that they are not greasy, they have no odor and they do not splinter like bones can.  The dogs love them and I love that they last a real long time.  The antlers help to clean the teeth naturally as they chew.  These are the perfect chew for any dog.  They come in 6 sizes from petite to extra jumbo.

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