Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How much to feed your dog using Kcal/Cup

What is Kcal/Cup?  Simply put, the Kcal/Cup measurement is the best and easiest way to compare pet foods.  It is a measurement of BOTH how nutrient dense a food is AND how digestible it is....so the higher the number, the Better the nutrition AND digestibility it is.  
Let's take for instance my food.  The All Stage Adult is 482 Kcal/Cup.  A competitor is 28% LESS Kcal/cup, then you would have to feed 25 - 28 MORE of the food to get LESS quality nutrition and digestibility.  

All the foods at www.pipschoice.com are high on the Kcal/cup scale which is great news for you and your pet.  By feeding a very nutrient dense food, YOU will save money by feeding less food, have less stool to pick up in the yard and your dog will maintain a more perfect weight and BE healthier.  

So sure the price seems high compared to most brands in the stores, however now you know that you are truly saving money by feeding better!  And it's the health of your pet what's it all about!!

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