Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Odor Remover Steel Bar for pets, humans

This is BY FAR the BEST thing ever to remove odors.  Short story:  My husband was cleaning an engine and got gas on his hands; you know how hard it is to get rid of gas smell, anyway he came into the house and right away I smelled the gas yuck! He was about to wash his hands when suddenly he said "I'm going to put that thing of yours to the test"  I told him to take the steel bar as if were a bar of soap and rub it around his hands under running water.  Well, he did and to our amazement it took the smell completely away!!! Next he said "smell my hair"  well, of course I wrinkled my nose at that one because he had just gotten home from work a bit earlier and his hair always stinks of shop grease, so I did give it a quick sniff, YUCK!  Well, he dampened his hair and rubbed the steel bar all over his head for about a minute and again WE were ASTOUNDED on how it removed all that yucky smell.  End of story.  So now I bet you want to get one right?  Order one right here on my website  
I want to hear about your amazing story so please share.

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