Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Grooming a bad dog

Patience is the key.  Some dogs just don't like to be pretty.  By that I mean, they don't like to be bathed, brushed, and have their hair cut.  So what do we as groomers do?  we take great care in all those steps.  The bath is always the best thing to do first.  If you get them clean that's half the battle.  Next, drying is done by either hand drying or cage drying.  Cage drying is Not a bad thing when cool air is used and the groomer is present while the dog is drying.  After the dog is dry, the brushing is started.  That is when the fun begins.  We do out best with how the dog acts.  Some dogs need to be muzzled for the safety of both the groomer and the dog.  If the dog freaks out, then we work fast to get done with the groom so the dog is not stressed out and can go home......

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