Sunday, January 3, 2016

The hidden mats on a dog!

Before picture after a bath and conditioner treatment
So often a dog will come in and the owner would like just a trim.  That request is not always possible due to the hidden mats down close to the skin.  On this little poodle, the owner wanted just a little hair cut off.  After examining the coat condition, I determined that there was a lot of mats and it was not possible to brush and comb all those mats out just give him a light trim.  In order to do just trim would require a throughly brushed out coat.  This little dog would not have tolerated that much effort and frankly, it's not easy on the dog or my hands.  So this is the after picture.  A short haircut all over, and a happy little dog!  This toy poodle needs to be groomed every 4-6 weeks and brushed daily at home in-between those times so this matted condition doesn't happen again and a longer hair style is possible.  

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