Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dog and Cat Supplement - What's the scoop?

The retailers and manufactures are always developing ways to sell more supplements.  The largest trend in dog and cat supplementation is targeting specific conditions such as digestive, skin/coat, hip and joint, as well as dental and eye. All dog and cats, from puppy and kittenhood to elder pets benefit from taking in supplements.  The makers are now making supplements for pet's age and breed types in forms of chewable and liquid.  There are so many choices to choose from.

Now let's look at what is in some of these supplements.  Just like human supplement, there are bad, good and the best.  Things you need to look for is - the use of human grade, natural ingredients. Made in the USA in a human FDA laboratory.  Cold processed to retain each ingredient's rich nutrients.  Strengthens your pet's immune system.  Natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants.  Safe for animals of all ages, including pregnant females. Formulated to provide everything your pet needs for perfect health.  Every ingredient is microscopically tested to assure quality and maximum potency. A guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied, you get your money back.

Check that you are not buying supplements that include sugars, artificial ingredients, heat processed that destroys essential nutrients.

A great supplement does not have to be make specificity for a breed, it does not have to be make for specifically for age, it's does not have to be specifically for a particular disease.  If for example you are looking for a supplement to target joints and bone, then you will what to get one with the important MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Vitamin C (Ester-C).

Now you can intelligently look at labels for the Best supplements for your pets.

Here's a shortcut to see what I personally give my dogs.  The Best Supplement

Based on many studies and reports and have even won the best supplements for dogs and cats by
Dog Fancy Magazine. 

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