Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Flint River Ranch Pet Food - what next?

The Flint River Ranch pet food company is no longer making pet food.  So what do you do now????

I am sure you are just like me when it comes to your pet's health.  You want to give the very best in way of nutrition to your dogs and cats.  You trusted a company to bring you high quality products right to your door and Now they are no more.

Years ago I was searching for the best I could give to my boy Otis who has now gone to rainbow bridge.  He was a big black lab with a heart of gold.  It only made sense to feed him great foods, treats and give he chew bones and that's when I found Flint River.  A few years later, I was on the internet looking again.  I guess I'm always on the quest for better products.  I came across a company called Life's Abundance and read through their website; I was very interested but I was a rep for FRR by this time so I forgot about the LA company.  A few days later I get this call from a very nice lady asking me if I recommended pet food to my clients - I did, so I told her that even though I was interested in what she told me about LA and Dr. Jane the formulator, I had to decline on her offer.  About two months went by and she called me again, and just asked if she could send me a few samples (who doesn't like free samples?) so I said sure.  A few days later, I got this box in the mail and it contained several samples of the food, a few of each treat and some supplements along with information sheets on each product.  Well, the true test came when I offered these to my dogs; Otis and my new baby standard poodle Pippin.  I could not believe my eyes, those dogs that loved FRR so much now are gobbling down this new food.  I had to do some serious thinking...... The next day I called Judy and told her "OK, how do I sign up?"  I became a rep, named my website after my boy Pippin www.pipschoice.com and the rest as they say - is history.

Fastwardword to now, Flint River is closed, many faithful pet owners are asking what next.. I think by now you know my answer ---- the choice is clear.  Order Life's Abundance here at my website and I will help you along the way when you have questions, concerns, help with auto ship, be informed when we have new products come out and so on.

Remember the Name?  Pipschoce  ***** Order Now ******
www.pipschoice.com or give me a call and let me help 440-254-3606

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