Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Pet Lovers

Its Thanksgiving time again!
This is a time to be thankful for all that we have been given, for those special people around us we love and our canine friends that serve us in many ways. Many people share the family feast with their dogs and other pets as well because we want to include them in our special moments. Although this seems innocent and gracious enough, these loving gesture can cause your pet to become ill. While it may not seem that a small bite of turkey skin or a dollop of mashed potatoes & gravy would hurt, we can all testify how easily the extra pounds can add up over the holiday season. A diet high in fat leading to being overweight is very unhealthy for pets just like it is with us. We over indulge with food because it makes us feel good, dogs however don't feel that same sense of joy so don't feel guilty by not giving them our food.

If that not enough reason for you, perhaps a medical condition is. Pancreatitis is just one of the problems that occur with a high fat and unhealthy diet. Symptoms of pancreatitis can include loss of appetite, diarrhea that may contain blood, frequent vomiting, weakness, not wanting to walk, whining, restlessness, irritability or refusing to eat food. Pancreatitis can be fatal so why take a chance. Bloat is another serious gastric condition that can be deadly. It is commonly brought on by eating to fast causing too much gas or fluid in the stomach. Gas can extend the stomach causing gastric dilation. A partially rotated is called gastric torsion. A fully rotated stomach its called gastric volvolus (spasmodic contraction of the intestines which causes colic or any twisting or displacement of the intestines) and these are a life threatening emergencies. No Bones. Poultry bones can splinter and cause intestinal problems.

I hope you all have a safe, healthy and fun Thanksgiving.

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