Sunday, November 23, 2008

Standard Poodle grooming

This is Holly, she is a 5 year old Standard Poodle. She is an elegant, tall girl with a big loving heart. This was the first time for me grooming her and she was a delight. My boys were especially happy to see a pretty face that looked like them. I did a short Lamb clip on her which is when the face, feet and base of tail are shaved closely. Legs are left fluffy along with the tail and top knot. Body is shaved with a any length blade or scissored to be shorter than the legs. Length of hair depends upon preference of the owner. We went shorter on the legs for ease of snow removal. I used my favorite Isle of Dogs shampoo and conditioning products on her. No. 30 Detangle Formula Shampoo - This is suitable for dogs with a coat that tends to tangle or knot up. A small trace of detangle solution is left in the coat to prevent future knotting and helps in brushing the dog out after the bath. After her bath I use 4 Control - It is a spray conditioner that helps eliminate static and aids in removing mats and tangles without further damaging the coat. Helps increase resilience and prevent breakage. Gives a noticeable smooth control to longer coats as well as a brilliant shine to all coats. Helps repel dust and dirt, keeping the coat cleaner, longer. For her head I like to use Isle Hold - This non-aerosol foam mousse gives control of a gel in a conditioning mousse. Rich with nourishing soya protein, it provides incredible hold and volume. Also provides extra styling control, without leaving a tacky residue. Isle Style - Is a weightless spray, filled with soya protein, vitamins and botanical extracts, that lifts the coat with no tackiness. Perfect for holding the coat in place for scissoring and styling. It offers a light hold and also a little texture, this I use on both topknot and tail. All these products smell so wonderful and give the best finished look.

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