Thursday, November 27, 2008

Winter Safety Tips for Your Dog

The Winter Season has arrived and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some very important tips on keeping your pet safe this time of year.
Holidays and Celebrations brings families and friends together, however your pets can be in danger if they partake in any of the items listed below.
  • Festive Foods and Drinks

1. Turkey with skin and ham fat trimmings can cause pancreatitis.

2. Cooked bones become brittle and can cause intestinal obstruction and lacerations of the digestive system.

3. Stuffing containing onions, sage, mushrooms and raisins must be avoided.

4. Sweets can cause obesity and diabetes. Artificial sugars are toxic.

5. Holiday snack trays may contain grapes and macadamia nuts which are toxic to dogs.

6. Chocolate contains theobromine that causes the heart to speed up.

7. Vegetables like broccoli can cause digestive upset and gas.

Special note: provide your pets with a quiet place during your holiday parties, this will help them from becoming to stressed.

  • Car Safety

Antifreeze - It has a sweet taste that attracts dogs and cats. Check for spills and leaks, you will recognise it by it's bright green color. It is very poisonous to pets.

Don't leave your pet in your car while you shop, the cold car can be like a freezer and your pet could suffer from hypothermia.

  • Outdoor cold safety

Animals that spend a lot of time outside need a higher protein diet.

Young puppies and kittens and old dogs and cats have little tolerance for the cold weather.

Statistics show that more dogs are lost during snowstorms than at any other time of the year. They can become disoriented and lost. Bosco my black standard poodle is proof of that. Dogs that wear identification have a better chance of being reunited with their owners.

Use pet safe ice melt if possible and check and clean their feet of snow and ice.

  • Holiday Decorations

The Poinsettia is toxic to your pets.

Chewing on electrical cords can cause severe injury or death.

Glass ornaments can cut if your dog tries to play with them.

Garland and tinsel can be eaten and cause injury.

The water that is helping your Christmas tree to stay green is poisonous to pets.

Knowning where your pets are and what their are doing will help to keep them safe not only in winter, but all year long.

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