Friday, December 12, 2008

Schnauzer Grooming

Here's Libby!
The Schnauzer's coat is most often wiry, however sometimes the dog may have a soft coat like Libby's. Frequent combing and brushing is necessary to keep the coat from becoming matted. On pet dogs the coat is usually clipped short on the upper body and left somewhat longer on the sides and legs. The classic Schnauzer head is what sets this breed apart so maintaining the appearance is what most owners want. Show dogs require only a light trimming and hand stripping instead of using a clipper with blade. This breed sheds little to no hair and is a good dog for allergy sufferers.
Grooming tools to use are as follows:
1. Clippers 2. Clipper blades 10# and 7F 3. Fine tooth face comb and a Steel comb 4. Scissors and Thinning shears 5. Slicker brush 6. Pin brush 7. Nail clippers and or file.
I use Isle of Dogs #30 shampoo and Isle of Dogs Hold on the brows and beard.
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