Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shih Tzu Grooming

This delightful little girl is Laci. Her tiny body, short legs and bright fuzzy face is just the cutest and reminds me of a stuff animal toy. For grooming , I start by giving her a bath in Premier Color Intensifying Shampoo by Eqyss. Premier lets the hair accept moisture from the air, which is what hair is supposed to do. It conditions and volumizes the coat while helping to reduce dry flaky skin. Next, I use Premier Conditioner Coat Conditioning Cream Rinse and Detangler. This product conditions rough, dry, brittle hair and adds in restoring the hair with natural emollients and smoothes hair cuticles to replenish each strand, leaving hair soft and tangle-free. I fluff dry her hair with a blow dryer and comb out any remaining tangles. I then use a comb attachment for the desired length and finishing with scissors to make a teddy bear like appearance.

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